How to know that your Design Clients Won’t Pay

From starting the online business to finding clients, you all know the tips and tricks of getting the desired results. Its easy to start any online business but the main hurdle comes when you take steps further and face the situation in reality. At times things turn out to be quite different from  what you could have expected. It is so irritating to see yourself in such situation which is the result of your not noticing the things that backfired at you.

Meeting good clients is just the matter of luck. You know it well, how you should deal with them. When we came up with an article in which we listed down the Types of Irritating Clients and How to Handle them, we included the point as to how one should handle clients that can be termed well as ‘bad payers’.


The question arises as to what would let you know if the client is going to turn out to be a bad payer. Definitely, no one comes wearing a tag. How then would you come to know that this is not going to turn out to be what you are expecting? Here are the warning signs that indicate your clients are going to turn out to be bad payers.

How to Know that your Design Clients Won’t Pay

1. Not answering your calls/emails

If the client suddenly goes invisible on various IMs,  stops answering your calls and responding to your emails when the payment time is due, it is clearly visible that your client is ignoring you and not willing to pay you in the nearby future.


2. Payment is overdue

If the payment from the client’s end is procrastinated and is getting overdue since long then its a sign for you to think about your next step. Its getting overdue for a simple good reason that your client is going to ditch you and not pay you earliest possible.


3. Talking to other designer

Obviously, if somebody has hired you s(he) is not bound to just talk to you and can’t see the other designer. This is just a professional relationship and not personal but then it might be a warning sign that there are chances that you will not get your dues.


4. Too much of second thoughts

Giving a second thought is good but when you have had a discussion related to the payment and your client says she/he will give it a second thought as the price might appear to be high then its a signal that might not always prove to be right but should be kept in mind and considered as warning sign.

5. Questioning your skills

If your client has this habit of joking, its not bad but if every time your skills are being questioned in jokes or in humorous way then it might be a signal for you that your client is not interested in getting the design made from you. If he/she does, you will eventually land up in a situation where you will be keep bothering about the payment.


6. ‘Pay Later’ sounds risky

If while talking about the payment the client says ‘What if I pay you later and you start with the design?’ Stop and give it a second thought if you should go for it or not. This is a warning sign and you should be firm.

7. Indifferent During Meetings

If you people are in the meeting and your client behaves like he/she is getting bored and becomes indifferent during the meetings, its a clear sign that your client is not professional and you might not get a good experience overall especially in terms of payment.


See, we should make sure that we take every step cautiously.  And when it comes to payments, you need to be extra cautious and don’t ignore the above listed warning signs. Enjoy being your own boss!

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