How And What to Learn from your Fellow Designers

Making a shift from being a design student to design professional is not as easy as it sounds to be. This doesn’t mean it’s a hard nut to crack. You need to make optimum use of your time and skills to master the subject. Some people are lucky enough to join the institutes that promise to make them professional designer but many out there don’t get to avail the opportunity. Does that mean they can’t become good professional designers? It’s not at all the case. Undeniably, it asks for great efforts to learn the skills of designing and blending it well with their creative ideas to make the mark in the field.

If you are the one who wishes to be known by your work then you at least need to begin your research work. By research I mean you got to understand what the ingenious designers around the world did to be what they are today. Designing is one interesting profession that appeals lot many people but it’s not just the passion that will take you the long way instead immense hard work, creative skills, original ideas and lot of time devotion all together will help you become a great designer.

Well, if you are not much interested in joining some institute that promise to make you a professional designer or even if you are, my word of suggestion would be to look upon the other designers who are actually known for their designing skills. There are many great designers who inspire the newbies a lot. Here, I have listed six useful tips and suggestions that clearly say how you can learn from your fellow designers.


If you are a newbie or the one who is already into designing, I suggest you to learn from your fellow designers. As they say, there is always room for improvement, so there is definitely no harm for the designers to read and make a change which they might have being missing out.  I anticipate these tips will help you a great deal. So, spare some time out and read on. You never know which of the tip is going to transform your life and make you a wonderful designer.

1. Know your design field and fellow designers

Till the time you attain the good knowledge of your field and the fellow designers you will not be able to achieve your goal. In the time where Internet rules the world, you need not worry about it. Start reading about the designing profession and the designers who have already made the mark. Google, Bing, Yahoo are the search engines that let you learn more and more about your fellow designers, check out their profile, their works and lots more.


2. Establish a network

This tip is directly related to the one listed above. You can get to know your fellow bloggers through social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Linkedin. Look for the designers that have appealed you with their work and the ones that have have never ceased to leave people astonished. Join designing communities. Don’t hesitate to contact the designers by sending friend request on Facebook, or dropping an email. Following them on Twitter, making connection on Linkedin or adding on Google + can help you a great deal.


3. Keep Yourself updated

Subscribing to the newletters, following big designers on social networking sites and checking their websites on daily basis are the smart ways to keep yourself posted to what’s new in the designing world. Also, take time out to read about the designing stuff like tips tricks, tutorials, designer profiles and much more. It definitely will help you a great deal.


4. Observation skills

I am sure you all will agree with me that in designing the thing that is important along with the rest is the observation skills. While you are following the other designers and checking out their new designs you need to check as to how they are changing and improving on their work. You got to have an observing eye that would tell you  what changes they are making in their work and coming up with mind blowing stuff. Keen observation will help you a lot.


5. Experimenting

With each passing day while you keep yourself updated with what your fellow designers are doing, how well they are growing and coming up with great artworks you will learn a lot. All you need to do is take inspiration from your fellow designers and make your creative mind do the rest. Keep experimenting! It’s like hit an trial. Try new things, let your creative juices flow freely and design something you would be proud of.


6. Methods, planning and management

Every designer has his or her own style. They work with proper planning, management and have their own methods. When you come in contact with your fellow designers talk to them and learn from them. Then think about what suits you best. Make your own plans, strategies, and follow you rules. Learning from fellow designers will inspire you a lot. All I would say here is create your own style.


See, conclusion of the article is  you can learn a great deal from your fellow designers. Follow the tips listed above, then practice yourself. Reading about fellow designers, getting connected with them, taking inspiration from them  will help you but in the end you are the one who is your teacher. Practice as much as you can, blend your ideas with production technique, and be your own teacher.

However,  I am not at all contradicting my statement by saying all this. I am sure you all are able to make out what I am trying to say. Expand your horizon, learn and get motivated from your fellow designers but don’t try to be a copy. Originality is the key that will help you survive and make a mark in the designing world.


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