40+ Incredible Movie Poster Design Examples

Incredibly designed movie posters draw the attention of visitors along with huge praises. The first thing that comes in our mind whenever we think of any movie is the poster used for promotional purpose rather than any important scene from the movie.

Design studios rely on various measures for differentiating movies from one another. Some movie posters turn out to be extraordinary with creative and Photoshop skills put together. Movie posters of outstanding artwork, retro or unbelievable design attracts the attention of audience from all over the world and convinces them to explore the tale of the movie.

In the past, movie posters were merely used as advertising materials only in theatres whereas at this moment, they play a major role in the film industry. Posters of horror films are often dark to terrify people while others dazzle with bold colours. Some posters are also informative providing details of the movie date, studios, actors name etc.

Here is the amazing collection of 40+ Incredible Movie Poster Designs that you will definitely love and even motivates you to design quality posters in the near future. You can also go and check out these wonderful movies in your free time.

1. Casino Jack

casino jack2. Angels & Demons

angels & demons3. From Paris With Love

from paris with love4. Humboldt County

humboldt county5. Crank

crank6. Oculus

oculus7. Red Sonja

red sonja8. Transformers

transformers9. The Silence of the Lambs 

the silence of the lambs10. War of the Worlds

war of the worlds11. Saw VI

saw VI12. The Broken

the broken13. The Eye

the eye14. Terminator Salvation

terminator salvation15. Ghost Rider

ghost rider16. Abduction

abduction17. Disaster Movie

disaster movie18. Final Destination

final destination19. Hobbit

hobbit20. Day Watch

day watch21. Hulk

hulk22. Inglourious Basterds

inglourious basterds23. Jennifer’s Body

jennifer's body24. Let Me In

let me in25. Perfume

perfume26. Pompeii

pompeii27.  Some Thing Has Found Us

some thing has found us28. The Dark Knight

the dark knight29. Zodiac

zodiac30. The Memory Thief

the memory thief31. Zombieland

zombieland32. Godzilla

godzilla33. Ice Age

ice age34. Knowing

knowing35. The Next Three Days

the next three days36. The Nightmare Before Christmas

the nightmare before christmas


37. Paul

paul38. Fuel

fuel39. Harry Potter

harry potter40. Food Inc

food inc41. Beautiful Losers

beautiful losers42. Captain America

captain america

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