15 Incredible Wooden Sculptures

In this post, you will come across some beautifully carved wooden sculptures by internationally acclaimed artists and talented sculptors. These sculptures were carved by hollowing the edges and chipping away the wood to symbolize magnificent illusions from single blocks of pine woods, lime wood, linden, basswood and other woods.

Check out these 15 Incredible Wooden Sculptures and carve realistic looking wooden sculptures of various sizes.

1. Save the World

save the world

2. Wooden Sculptures

wooden sculptures

3. Giant Ocean Waves

giant ocean waves

4. Intricate Animal Sculptures

intricate animal sculptures

5. The Fight

the fight

6. Implements


7. Matchstickmen


8. Wooden Cow

wooden cow

9. Spaghetti Bench

spaghetti bench

10. Haroshi Wooden Sculptures

haroshi wooden sculptures

11. Mario Dal Fabbro Wooden Sculptures

mario dal fabbro wooden sculptures

12. Eagle Germany

eagle germany

13. Wooden Sculptures by Haroshi

wooden sculptures by haroshi

14. Wood sculptures by Giuseppe Rumerio

15 Incredible Wooden Sculptures

15. Baby


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