Latest Apps and Tools of the Week [9th November- 15th November]

Cool tools, websites and Apps that prove useful for designers and developers for these help them one way or the other enabling them to put in their best efforts as they don’t need to spare extra time doing a thing which these tools and services can do for them with ease and in short span of time. For you all to keep yourself updated with such handy tools and apps, each week we jot down the list of the same so that you don’t have to spare extra time searching for them all over.

From SquareSpace to Gif2Sprite and Crowdhoster, there are oodles of them included in the list of cool tools that have been carefully handpicked for you all to check them out and use them whenever the need arises.

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Enjoy our list of latest apps and tools for designers and developers and if you have created one, do not forget to tell us in the comments section below. We will surely try to include in our next edition.

Useful Apps and Tools for Designers and Developers

1. Font Combiner

Font Combiner is a free web font creator that enables you to create your own custom font with oodles of options available for hinting, kerning, subsetting and more. Font Combiner is a versatile web font creator and font improvement tool that exposes advanced font features to do the needful.


2. Canva

Canva is a new graphic design platform that can be used to collaborate with clients, speed up your design process and much more with ease. Sometimes designing becomes a bugging process with all that expensive and complicated softwares; here Canva comes into play. It gives you everything you need to turn ideas into stunning designs the creative way. Create designs, websites, presentations, Facebook covers, flyers, posters, invitations and much more with this cool tool.


3. Typecast

Typecast is an easy way to test drive Google fonts on screen.  You simply need to sign up for an account for testing across devices and to access more than 24,000 fonts with ease.


4. Sir Trevor

Sir Trevor is a rich web content editor that makes sure to store your content as structured JSON and Markdown rather than HTML thereby making it simple to extend your content and much more without any fuss.


5. Free Vector Maps

Free Vector Maps is a project by Ted Grajeda created to provide the design world with a highly detailed, easily customisable and consistent library of stock maps for free (under the Creative Commons Attribution License) and premium maps and icons at great prices. It gives you access to tons of vector maps of countries all over the world.

best-designer-developer-tools-apps6. SquareSpace 

SquareSpace is everything you need to know about creating an exceptionally cool website. This online portal enables you to make your own website. From simple pages to striking galleries, a professional blog, an online store and many more like this Squarespace is there to help you out the easy way.


 7. CSS Inliner

Writing inline CSS can be a pain. WIth the aim to help you get rid of that CSS Inliner was created. It is a tool that’ll do the hard work for you.
Simply paste your HTML at the place given CSS Inliner does the rest.


8. Site Drop

Site Drop is an online tool for creative professionals to share their work in progress. All you need to do is share your work which can be any type of file and leave the rest for SiteDrop to do. It will make it functional and completely presentable. Simply drag, drop and you are done.


9. Layers CSS

Layers CSS is a CSS framework that is extremely lightweight and unobtrusive, tool tha includes no dependencies. Besides, it doesn’t restrict the look and style of your design and is style agonist.


10. Crowdhoster

Launch your own crowdfunding page without bothering about line of code. CrowdHoster is an open-source online tool which lets users get code on the GitHub. From funding progress bar to sharing links, and customizable content areas Crowdhoster includes all.


11. Slidr.js

Slidr.js is a simple, lightweight javascript library that can be used for adding slide transitions to your page without any dependencies. It works on any inline, inline-block or block elements and slides can contain any html content without any restrictions.


12. Flame Painter for iPad

Available specifically for ipad users, Flame Painter  which is a unique painting application was created with the clear aim to let users create their original paintings with photo light effects and superb backgrounds with flame brushes.


13. Gif2Sprite

Gif2sprite is a service that lets you convert animated GIF’s to JPG sprite sequences and the corresponding CSS. The creators of this service anticipate that users might face issues with GIF’s that use transparency due to the GIF being converted into a JPG sprite which they promise to fix it by implementing the option to choose either JPG or PNG as the output for the sprite map.


With this we wind up as the list is over as of now. Stay tuned for next week’s updation of cool useful tools, apps and websites for designers and developers. Also, you can contribute by sharing some really useful tools with us and our readers which we surely will include in our coming week’s list.


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