Latest Apps and Tools of the Week [15th March-21st March]

Tools, websites, and applications that are rolled out with the aim to help users in whatever way possible have miscellaneous advantages of their own. Each coming up with the unique features to help designers and developers promise to benefit them a great deal.

The launch of these tools, apps and websites is drastically changing the aspect of developing and designing. Increasing number of designers and developers are taking the benefits of the greater range of theses designing and development tools. If you are the one who loves getting introduced to these helpful tools, take a glance at our this week’s list of tools, apps and websites.

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Latest Apps and Tools of the Week [1st March-7th March]

1. 1&1 Hosting

Web world is booming and touching new heights with each passing day. These days, having a professional website is like cherry on the cake as it plays the vital role in the success of any business. For anyone wanting to know how to create their own website, you need two things, a web host and a web builder. The web hosting company 1&1 offers easy and simple solutions for both of these. Users just need to create an account, select which hosting package suits them and then choose one of the customizable designs. The many hosting apps, website tools and designs are very helpful for people that want to create or enhance their online presence.

2. Keyframer

Keyframer is CSS3 animation creation tool that makes your tasks easier. Simply click the timeline to add a keyframe, click the circle button to add your animation’s CSS or the X button to delete the current keyframe and test your skills.


3. Glyphr Studio

Professional font design programs are very complex and quite expensive. Here, Glyphr Studio comes into play. It is one accessible, streamlined tool made for font design hobbyists. Glyphr Studio is the first free HTML5 based font editor that is a smart alternative to complex and expensive font design apps. 


4. Durandal

Durandal is a cross-device, cross-platform client framework that is written in JavaScript and designed for making Single Page Applications (SPAs). This is an ideal tool for designers and developers.

5. UI Faces

Created by Caleb Ogden, UI Faces is a website that lets users find sample avatars for interface design. This is an online tool that have growing number avatars collection. Promising to provide a interface to adjust the avatar size, spacing and border radius of avatars, this tool was born to help users find sample avatars for UI mockups. 


6. Cute Grids

This is a responsive grid system that comes loaded with features to help designers and developers create their responsive layout with ease.

7. Quink

Quink is a versatile, extensible, mobile-friendly, open source, in-page WYSIWYG HTML editor for front-end developers to let them add rich editing capabilities to their solutions.



The PHP-CPP library is a C++ library for developing PHP extensions. Endowed with a superb collection of well documented and easy-to-use classes that can be used and extended to build native extensions for PHP, this C++ library makes building PHP extensions hassle-free and less time consuming.

9. TweakStyle 

TweakStyle is an advanced Code editor for creating and customizing the web. This is a web designing software that promise to help designers save time and energy.


10. ChartsPree

ChartsPree is a web service that lets users create interactive charts within no time. Chartspree’s URL when used lets users inject charts into their websites. The data can be easily supplied via the URL without any need of Javascript.
Created specifically to help designers and developers by making their task easier, these tools are truly worth talking about and used in different assignments.


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