Latest Apps and Tools of the Week [30th November-6th December]

With the list comprising of Web Tracing Framework, Haiku Deck, qSnap, Uploadcare and similar ones hand-picked specifically for designers and developers, we are here once again with our weekly compilation of cool tools, apps and websites.

We try to pick up those tools and apps for designers and developers that are genuinely worth checking out and promise to make you all feel glad about having found such stuff that are created with the clear aim to help you out wherever you get stuck.


Time for to scroll down and check out cool tools and apps for designers and developers of this week and preceding five weeks. Take a look!

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Useful Apps and Tools for Designers and Developers

1. Web Tracing Framework

Web Tracing Framework provides rich tools for instrumenting, analyzing, and visualizing web apps. It lets you make your app jank-free at 60fps!


2. Twibfy

Twibfy can prove to be an amazing online tool for creative genius. You can share your images, designs, artworks, videos or anything that you find inspiring and worth sharing. Its like getting involved in a world of creativity and inspiration. Twibfy comprises of a huge collection of images and videos that are hand picked and updated daily to serve as a great source of inspiration besides letting you show off your artwork too.


3. Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is a cool software that lets you prepare and show presentations the new way. Telling your story is no more monotonous. Its simple, beautiful, and fun with Haiku Deck. It lets you find your creative flow, add images, choose the perfect look for yourself, and share your story or idea the coolest way. You can check the week’s best decks from various topics that are carefully handpicked by the Haiku Deck team. These serve as the great source of inspiration.  What else I can say, check it out for more.


4. Hopscotch

Hopscotch is a framework that makes it easy for developers to add product tours to their pages. It accepts a tour JSON object as input and provides an API for developers to control rendering of the tour display and managing of the tour progress easily.


5. qSnap

Capture single or multiple webpages, edit images, share and save your snapshots with qSnap. It is a cross-browser snapshot tool that lets you capture images with simple click. qSnap stores snapshots to your tray for editing that can be done with the built-in annotation tools. Create a rich digital dialogue through your notes, save your snapshots locally with this cool free tool.


6. Elusive-Icons Webfont

Elusive Icons is a webfont that you can use with your different projects no matter wether it is a bootstrap based project or foundation based project or even your own own custom project. When you download the fonts you receive all the icons in .svg vector format for you to play with them, improve them and contribute them back on github. How cool does that sound!


7. Uploadcare

Uploadcare is an online service that helps media creators, businesses and developers store for processing and delivering visual content to their clients. Thousands of developers are using Uploadcare for it comes loaded with cool features that makes it worth picking up.


8. UsabilityHub

Usability lets you test your designs and mockups on real people. With this you can learn how visitors are expected to interact with your design before finally launching it. Upload your design or screenshot for users to view the same and you receive a detailed report of results.


9. Mission Control

Mission Control is a tool that lets you keep the track of what you have asked your team to do and if they have completed the particular assigned task. With Mission Control, you can see what all your staff have done, and what they have left to do. Assign and reassign tasks with ease. Team members can assign tasks to each other. All in all, Mission control lets manage your team properly.


10. Magic

Magic is a CSS3 framework that has good number of animations. It is a simple to use tool with animations are cross-browser compatible.


11. Assemble

It has never been easier to leverage the full force of powerful frameworks like Bootstrap and Zurb Foundation. Assemble lets you combine the power of frameworks to create the kind of framework and end result that is to your heart’s content.


 This is an end of the first week of December 2013 and our article reviewing some of the best tools for designers and developers. So, which one did you find useful for your projects, do let us know.


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