Latest Apps and Tools of the Week [18th January-24th January]

The list of cool tools, websites and apps that are specifically created a for designers and developers is hopefully solving the purpose for which it is being compiled each week, and month. By preparing the list, TheDesignBlitz team is actually trying to help all you designers and developers in getting them all at one place.

To cut out the extra time and effort that otherwise could be used by you all in productive manner, we are here once again with the list of latest apps and tools for designers and developers. Also, take a look at preceding five weeks’ lists of tools, apps and websites incase you missed them out.


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Useful Apps and Tools for Designers and Developers

1. Dorsey WordPress Theme

Here is a theme built for today and tomorrow!. Designed especially for the creative artists, designers, photographers and likewise Minimalia is a premium portfolio theme that is 100% valid HTML and HTML5. It helps you display your artworks and designs consistently-well.  All in all, it is a smart, easy-to-use portfolio website template that will help you provide that ultimate experience to the viewers in fastest, responsive and intuitive way.


2. VaryCode

VaryCode is a web-based service online source code converter. Its a service for which user has to pay minimal amount.


3. The Setup 

The Setup is a place where set of interviews done with various creatives and other professionals is published. From teachers, to bloggers, designers, photographers, illustrators, reporters, musicians, there are interviews of many such people who inspire others with their achievements besides helping them with the information regarding tools and equipments they use.


4. Google Map Builder

Google Map Builder is a tool that makes it easy for users to build their own custom Google Maps using simple drop-down menus and simple commands. Besides, the markers, size, zoom control, scale control, street view are easily customizable and even a theme from Snazzy Maps can be applied as per user’s choice. The best part is no coding skills are required to do so.


5. Kimono

Turn websites into structured APIs from your browser in seconds.  No more scraping, build an API with kimono to power your apps, models and visualizations with live data without writing any code. Besides, Kimono smart extractor helps recognize patterns in web content allowing you get the data you want quickly and visually. A cool App builder I must say!


6. Duo

Duo is a web browser that enables users to view both mobile and desktop versions of responsive websites being designed by them. Its a new way to see Responsive Web Development.


7. is a gallery of iOS user interface animations that comprises of different apps. There are tons of beautiful apps included. Its a great source of inspiration for animation ideas if you want and includes iOS UI ideas in general too. Browse by patterns or components depending upon your choice.


8. Typewolf

Typewolf as the name hints is a gallery that comprises of some of the really awesome web typography from all over the web. You don’t have to surf all around. You can easily look for fonts and use the selected one in your designing projects.


9. Adaptive Backgrounds

I know this should be the part of the jQuery plugin but we are including it in this list of useful tools intentionally for the fact that it is more of a helpful tool for designers. Adaptive Backgrounds is a jQuery plugin that helps designers extract colors from an image and applying the same to the parent element. It’s an easy and smart way for making your background match your images.


Stay tuned for upcoming week’s list of best tools and apps for designers and developers. Do let us know what you think about these tools, apps and websites we have included in this list of ours.


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