Latest Apps and Tools of the Week [1st February-7th February]

Cool tools, applications and websites are proving to be helpful for all the web designers and developers who get stuck in between some important task and seek help. Each week, we list down useful tools for designers and developers which we think could be of real help for designers and developers to make their task easy and cuts down the extra time it any task would take otherwise.

The coolest addition besides other helpful tools this week is Free Love Heart Renders Pack that all you designers can check out and use if for the upcoming Valentine’s Day project if you are handling or planning to start with one.

Below are the last five week’s lists of cool tools and apps for designers and developers and you got to it a jump to check out our this week listicle.


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Useful Apps and Tools for Designers and Developers

1. Free Love Heart Renders Pack

Its Valentine’s month and we at TheDesignBlitz have also come up with articles like Romantic Collection of 45 Fresh Valentine’s Day Wallpapers and 13 Best Free Valentine’s Day Flyer Templates. As you can get the idea from the name itself, this is a bag of 3D love hearts that comprises of nine different renders from two different models which we have spotted at Designer Candies. Each render varies in size but has high resolution, super high quality and is an ideal pick to be used in your Valentine’s Day design projects.


2. MinutesPad Free

Loaded with innumerable cool features, MinutesPad is one free professional business app that is developed with the aim of let people in meeting minutes management.The app can be used on various smartphones and tablets. Simple yet powerful, this app lets you easily take notes and photos, store them and organize the meetings minutes by topics and share them.


3. Go By Example

Go if you all know is an open source programming language that is designed for building simple, fast, and reliable software. ‘Go by Example’ using annotated example programs lets you make optimum use of this cool software.


4. Framebench

Framebench is a place where you can discuss and share creative feedback. Here you can conduct online meetings or be the part of them while enjoying the flexibility of back and forth discussions. All in all with this helpful tool you can actually witness the changes that are happening over your existing design in realtime.


5. Origami

Origami is a free toolkit for Quartz Composer toolkit for design prototyping. Making it easier for designers to create interactive prototypes, without any programming, this is one of the best tools available for interaction design.


6. LayOutIt

LayOutIt is a tool that helps users create your frontend code simple and quickly with Bootstrap using Drag & Drop Interface Builder. If you need to develop a website, you can make use of LayOutIt tool that takes every element and component of Bootstrap to make your frontend coding easier without asking you to be an expert in javascript, html5 or css3.


7. Myth

Myth is a preprocessor that like CSS polyfill allows users to write pure CSS in simple way without getting worried about slow spec approval or slow browser support. Its an ideal tool for developers. With myth users can write pure CSS with additional benefits of tools like LESS and Sass.


8. ResMaps

ResMaps is a tool that enables users to create a beautiful web resume and track who is visiting and find out what they are look at. It provides an insight into what all questions you can expect and get ready for the interview. With it users can easily create their sleek-looking web resume, see who’s viewing your resume and analyze using heatmaps and other tools to gain insight.


Stay tuned for the next week’s update of useful tools, apps and websites for designers and developers that promise to help you guys the best possible way.


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