Latest Apps and Tools of the Week [1st March-7th March]

Any kind of tool, application or website that promise to ease the task of web designers or web developers by simplifying their workflow and save time are always welcome. Aren’t they?

We continuously talk about helping hands that would take our burden and help in various endeavors but looking for the same is a big hassle. Talking about designers and developers, there are oodles of tools that are continuously being rolled out to ease their job. How to cut down the time and effort to find the right type of tool that would aptly solve the purpose? TheDesignBlitz is continuously making efforts to help you out in narrowing down the search and pick the best ones to suit your need.

Each week we compile the list of the same for all our web designers and developers. Here is this week’s list. Check them out.

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1. Koding

Koding is a developer community and cloud development environment where developers come together and code in the browser with a real development server to run their code. With this online tool developers can work, collaborate, write and run apps without jumping through hoops and spending unnecessary money.


2. Breevy

Breevy is a text expander for Windows that helps users type speedily and accurately by enabling you to abbreviate long words and phrases saving you time and money. What breevy does is it eliminates the need of typing that longer piece of text. All you got to do is type the abbreviation you associated with that text in any application and Breevy will replace it automatically for you.


3. FontPrep 

This is an open source web font generator that focuses on OS X. All you need to do is simply drag and drop your TTF or OTF files into the application and it will generate all of the web-font formats you might need.


4. Unseen

Unseen is a tool that offers secure and private communications for consumers and businesses. What it does is it replaces insecure applications such as email and Skype with a state-of-the-art web site, mobile applications and desktop clients that all work together to let users communicate with other people easily.


5. Less Milk

Wizkid of Thomas Palef, Less Milk includes nine games so far, which are “Save the City”, “Connected”, “Fill the Holes”, and “Box Jump”. Comprising of useful tools, this online tool enables you to subscribe for updates by email on when each new game that is released, articles and tutorials.


6. Jeeves

Jeeves is a new programming language for automatically enforcing privacy policies. Jeeves helps programmers enforce information flow policies describing where values may flow through a program. Jean Yang is the inventor of Jeeves.


7. Grid Style Sheets

Grid Style Sheets is an online tool that reimagines CSS layout and replaces the browser’s layout engine with one that harnesses the Cassowary Constraint Solver which is the same algorithm that Apple uses to compute native layout.


8. Code Wars

Improve your skills by training with others on real code challenges with Code Wars. Sharpen your skills, solve the kata with your coding style, compare your solution with others after each kata for greater understanding and much more with Codewars.


9.  Type Finder 

Type Finder is a simple tool that lets users find reputable typefaces that can be used in miscellaneous projects. What you should do is simply answer a few questions and Type Finder returns a list of fonts that fit your criteria. 


Wish to contribute to our future lists of cool tools, apps and websites for designers and developers ? We would love to add any such helpful tool which promises to help designers and developers in their various projects. Drop in your comments and let us know.


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