Latest Apps and Tools of the Week [21st December-27th December]

Yet another week has come to an end and as scheduled we are here once again with another set of latest apps, tools and websites for designers and developers that are genuinely created with the clear aim to d0 their task easily.

From typing. io to leeflet, Word 2 Clean HTML the list includes some really helpful tools worth checking out. Did you manage to check our preceding articles on these tools and apps for developers and designers? If not here are last five week’s lists of latest apps and tools of the week.


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Useful Apps and Tools for Designers and Developers

1. is a typing practice app that is created especially keeping in mind for programmers. This tool helps users master typing the awkward characters which are usually encountered while coding. Users need to sign in with Google or try out the demo to know more about it.


2. Origami

Origami, from Facebook is a free design prototyping toolkit for Quartz Composer. This tool makes it easier for the users to create interactive design prototypes in which no programming. Prototyping features like animations, transitions, interactions, buttons make it the ideal pick.


3. Leeflets

Leeflets is a tool that offers a variety professionally designed website templates. It is simple yet powerful content management system for single page websites.


4. ConfCal

ConfCal is a simple web-based calendar for web and digital conferences happening throughout the year. Users can browse by month and see different sorts of conferences from around the world. Simply click on the conference name and you will immediately be taken to the conference website for more information.


5. Word 2 Clean HTML

Word to clean HTML is a free converter tool for documents produced by Microsoft Word and similar office software. It strips out invalid or proprietary tags, leaving clean HTML behind for use in webpages and eBooks. Users simply need to paste your text into the box then click the convert to clean HTML button.


6. Bulletproof Background Images

Bulletproof Background Images from CampaignMonitor is a free generator for creating background images for your HTML emails with VML and CSS.


7. Dropplets

Dropplets is a fresh platform that is dedicated to making blogging simple without any database. You can install Dropplets in seconds on any server, compose offline using markdown then simply upload to publish.


8.  Are you a trendy designer?

Are you a trendy designer is a fun test for ofcourse you know designers. If any day you get the spare time and wish to take some fun test and know about your designing skills. Open this and take a simple test to determine just how trendy you are. Just answer eight questions about your design habits and preferences, and you’ll be told just how much of a hipster designer you really are. Sounds cool huh!
Last one is certainly not a tool but something worth sharing and adding fun element to some really serious stuff. Here, I stop with the list of latest tools and apps for designers and developers. Stay tuned for next week’s and this month’s than the last month of 2013 list of best tools and apps which we will come up with any time soon.


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