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With innumerable online tools, applications for designers and developers being rolled out every now and then it becomes difficult to check them all to know which suits your need and which to leave; after all its one time consuming task. Created with the aim to help you all make the correct choice, each week we come up with the list that comprises of the same.

This week’s list of cool tools, apps and websites for designers and developers includes ExtractCSS, Modern IE, Ink, Typoform and few others to help all you designers and developers. For all those seeking help in the form of tools and apps, our weekly listicle of latest tools is worth checking out. Hit a jump to know what all this week’s list has in store for you.

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Useful Tools and Websites for Designers and Developers

1. Sharp & Nimble’s Design Lab 

From animated characters to mobile mockup animations, animated social media sharing icons there re cool experimental interface animations that are regularly posted on Sharp & Nimble’s Design Lab. Here, I would like to make a special mention of our article, Awesome Showcase of Creative Animated Web Designs as this tool is related to animations.


2. ExtractCSS

extractCSS is an online tool that helps users extract ids, classes and inline styles from HTML document and output them as CSS stylesheet. You just have to type or paste your HTML document and leave the rest on extractCSS.


3. A Pattern Apart 

A Pattern Apart is a new pattern library from A List Apart that lets users explore the design, development, and meaning of web content along with web standards. It helps users with choice of color, typography, images and much more to make their task easier.


4. Modern IE

Modern IE is a set of testing tools for Microsoft web developers that let you test your site on various versions of IE with the help of free virtual machines for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


5. Plenty of Frameworks 

This is a framework search engine for users to quickly find the perfect framework for their projects. All they got to do is simply enter whether they are a designer, developer or project manager choice of framework, use of CSS pre-processor is desired or not, browsers it needs to support and leave it on this cool tool to fins the right match.


6. Typeform

Typeform makes asking questions easy, human and beautiful. It ensures to make respondents feel at home with a format that is inspired by human conversation. All in all, its an deal tool for designers.


7. Ink

Ink is a new, free Photoshop documentor plugin that enables users to document their layers including typography and effects and shape sizes too. It promises to get you out of the dilemma while handing off mockups created in Photoshop to your development team.


8. LikeAStore

LikeAStore  helps you save useful resources like GitHub repositories, code libraries, fonts, Dribbble shots, StackOverflow questions and much more easily. Besides, you can organize your favorites and find the things you need.


9. CrowdTiltOpen

CrowdTiltOpen is an online tool that lets launch your own advanced crowdfunding page. Its one of the most powerful and flexible crowdfunding solution for brands, businesses, and organizations.


10. Type Quest

Type Quest is a website that is created to help educate and make graphic designers and web designers understand the power of OpenType in Webfonts. Besides, it gives an insightful information from current professionals in the industry along with tips on the finer coding details to implement classic typographic details in their designs.


We love to hear from our readers. If you have any idea, tool, application for designers and developers worth talking about and wish to let people know about it and use it for their projects, this is the place for you. Drop in your valuable comments below and share it with us.