Latest Apps and Tools of the Week [25th January-31th January]

Time just flies! Few days bak we all were wishing each other Happy New Year and here the first month of 2014 has come to an end. As scheduled we are here with the list of latest best Apps, tools and online portals that promise to ease the tasks of designers and developers to handle various projects.

What we get to see in the world of web is just the end product that comes with immense hard work and time devotion by various designers and developers around the world. They too need helping hands to share their burden and make their tasks easier and less time consuming. Here is when these tools and apps come into play to help designers and developers handle their various endeavors without too much of fuss.

With the hope that designers and developers know our weekly compilations of best tools and apps we come up with the same to help them cut down the time and efforts of looking for them allover. Here is this week’s list. Take a look.


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Useful Apps and Tools for Designers and Developers

1. WireOver

Sending big files securely has become easy. Any guesses what makes it possible? Its WireOver which is a desktop application for sending and receiving files no matter how big the files are. WireOver is fast, unlimited, and completely private app that using end-to-end encryption does the needful in a speedy way. End-to-end encryption makes sure that only your recipient can access the files you send, making it much more secure than the other file sending tools available.


2. Canvas 

Learning Xcode as a designer is important and Canvas helps you do it the right and easy way. From Sketch to Xcode, this makes it easy with all the tips and tricks and oodles of screenshots. Canvas makes adding good-looking animations easy for iOS apps. No coding knowledge is required. Effects like fade, zoom in/out, slide, bounce, pop, shake and more are available to help you do your task easily and cool way.


3. Typepick

Typepick is a simple webpage builder that lets you quickly and easily set up minimal and user-friendly online order page for the products/services you offer. Users can simply order or inquire about your products with just taps or clicks. All in all, it helps you design and customize your page easily.


4. HTML5 KickStart

HTML5 KickStart is an ultra-lean HTML5, CSS and JS building blocks for rapid website production. Loaded with features like responsive grid layout, a touch-enabled slide show and much more it is one of the best picks.


5. Mondrian

Mondrain is a free web application that helps users create vector graphics like simplified version of Adobe Illustrator. It comes with basic tools that are needed for creating vector graphics. Best of all its completely open source, easy to learn and is worth trying out.


6. Able2Extract PDF Converter 

Able2Extract PDF Converter is an excellent PDF conversion tool that smoothly converts PDFs to HTML, extracts data from PDF, HTML and Text source formats into multiple editable formats, runs on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms and the list goes on.  For those of you who are interested in checking it out can do so as its free to use for 7 days. Definitely worth trying out. 


 Have any such tool, apps or online portal for designers and developers worth sharing? Do let us know. Stay tuned for the monthly list of these which we will be coming up with soon.


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