Latest Apps and Tools of the Week [28th December-3rd January]

This week was a mix of December and January; also we entered the new year! So, we will count this as the first article of the year 2014 on latest tools and apps of the week for designers and developers. It has become the part of our daily routine to check out the latest tools and apps that are available for free  to enable users ease their various tasks. This week we have come up with some really helpful tools.

The tools and apps we have listed below are not many but the ones listed are genuinely worth being part of the list. To name a few are Codebrag, Heck Yes Markdown and floating draw.

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Useful Apps and Tools for Designers and Developers

1. Fitbolt

As the name clearly hints its a tool related to health. Designers pend hours sitting in the same posture in front of their laptops/desktops which leads to many long-term health and posture issues. With features like in-chair, stretches, quick exercises, health reminders, postures, ergonomics, diet pointers and much more, FitBolt helps you stay healthy.


2. Codebrag

Codebrag is a tool that makes coding fun, easier and well organised. Available for free this tool enables you to add inline comments and likes for generating discussion. All in all it makes the process work for your team easier.


3. Android 5.0 UI Design Concept

Codebuild came up with the all new Android 5.0 UI Design Concept that comes with features like clean lock screen with simple unlock options, extended widgets with swipe functions, home and Apps screen with simple weather widget and redesigned icons all with the dark theme which soothes the eyes.


4. Heck Yes Markdown

Heck Yes Markdown is a tool that helps you take existing HTML webpages off the web, extract the main content and turn it into Markdown to let you store it as the plain text.


5. Uinames 

Uinames is a website that helps you generate fake usernames for your different mockups if you need them. Proficiently designed with superb user interface, this websites simply asks users to press the spacebar for a new name to be generated and one can easily choose if you want a male or female name and make your pick of username.


6. WordPress Admin Theme Re-Skin

George Kordas has given a fresh new look at the WP admin panel to create a more current and engaging user experience. The design has two appearance settings-translucent theme and a general color theme for a more basic feel.


7. Floating Draw

Floating Draw is an Android app that provides you with basic on-screen drawing tools to work in Android. Change colors, draw shapes like circle, triangle, rectangle, line, fill your shapes with color with the new fill paint tool with this amazing app.


Which one of the above listed tools, apps and websites for designers and developers you liked and found wroth trying out? . Do let us know. If you have noticed we have listed two concepts too for inspiration. Also, feel free to share any such useful tool, app or website with us.


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