Latest Apps and Tools of the Week [7th December-13th December]

There are lot many people out there who have been continuously running their mind, and making keen efforts to lend a helping hand by coming up with useful tools, applications and online tools for designers and developers. These tools promise to increase your efficiency and productivity.

We have been posting articles based on these latest tools and apps for designers and developers to help you come up with amazing stuff. Here, we are with another list of useful tools and apps that will certainly make you feel glad about having been acquainted with these. Also, check out the previous 5 weeks lists.

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Do you have any tool or app that has been useful for making your designing or developing tasks easier. Let us know in the comments below if you have built such tools and we will feature them in our website.

Useful Apps and Tools for Designers and Developers

1. WebProjector

Webprojector is an easy to use tool for designers where they can present their projects in a browser that too for free. All users have to do is simply drag and drop their project to the window provided and leave the rests on Webprojector to do the rest.


2. FusionInvoice

FusionInvoice is an online invoicing tool for freelancers and small businesses. It is a simple and powerful self-hosted web based invoicing system that promises to make your task of invoicing hassle-free and less time consuming.


3. Brace

Brace is a tool that provides you with the all new way for hosting your website. It lets you update your website by simply uploading your files in Dropbox. Brace gives you two versions of your website that is draft version and a production version  for iteration and collaboration and for performance and scaling respectively.


4. Page2Images

Page2Images is a tool that converts url to full size image or thumbnail in batch. Simply capture webpages, website screenshot from their URLs in batch, make images of web pages that too in batch.


5. Launchbot

Launchbot is an HTML file and a folder that lets you easily open sets of all your favorite websites with just one click. It’s like restoring tabs but on any computer and browser. Its an open-source JavaScript start page script that lets you easily open sets of all your favorite websites with just one click.


6. OriDomi

OriDomi is origami for the web. It’s an open source JavaScript library that makes the web foldable like paper. Users can create various folding effects vertically or horizontally with zero dependencies. This tool works with media queries.


7. Rrandomize

Rrandomize is a tool that helps non-programmers to order random things. If you don’t know Amazon pays Rrandomize a referral fee each time they process an order.


8. FontPunk

Sometimes while making styled documents like flyers, ads and website graphics users want to stylize a font in a decorative way. FontPunk is an online service that help you apply different visual effects to a font to produce eye-catching display texts. Best of all, its a free service!

best-designing-developing-tools9.  RetroSupply

Dustin Lee, one of the reader of our blog has made us acquainted with RetroSupply that is a kit offering some of the best retro actions, brushes and textures on the web. This is ideal for all you designers out there. RetroSupply kit has been used by thousands of users and have a 100% satisfaction rating.


Your valuable comments and mails are highly appreciated and we love to feature useful stuff for designers and developers. Like the one we have featured in our today’s list of useful tools and apps for designers and developers. Stay tuned for more and keep dropping in your valuable comments.


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