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With the hope that you loved our article of cool tools of the month we came up with a day back. Here is yet another month another week and our task of collecting the best tools, Apps and websites for designers and developers begins. From the last days of preceding month to the beginning days of October we have tried hard to get as many useful tools and apps for all you designers and developers out there.

Unfortunately, this week’s  list of such tools, apps and websites is not long but the ones included in the list are the best ones and deserved a place in the list. Take a quick look at the useful tools like Google Web Designer, Bravado and others.


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Useful Apps and Tools for Designers and Developers

1. Google Web Designer

Google Web Designer is a new tool that lets you bring ideas to life across screens. It is best for create engaging, interactive HTML5-based designs and motion graphics that can run on any device. With Google Web Designer everything you create is accessible on any screen be it a desktop, tablet or mobile without any compatibility issue.


2. Brevado

Brevaso is a cool tool that lets you build beautiful timelines of your projects with just a few clicks. Besides, you can invite your team or clients to the timeline with only their emails. Brevado lets you show progress, comment, and automatically notify apart from sharing  images, documents and videos instantly. Also, it becomes easy to handle your team with Brevado as it comes with lot many features to help you do so.


3. Cinegif

Cinegif is a web application that lets you create high-quality GIF images. You simply got to choose the type of media that best fits your creative project, upload video from a variety of formats including mov, avi, mpeg, flash and wmv and leave the rest for Cinegif to do the needful.


4. Invoicera

Invoicera as the name hints is related to creating invoices. This online portal that lets you manage all your invoices in a snapshot, keep a track of payments from your clients and much more related to invoicing. It comes loaded with features like  multi-language currency support, multiple payment gateways, data safety and security, expense tracking, and time tracking. What else one could ask for. All in all, its a great tool that is sure to help all you designers, developers and other people in online business.


5. Hacker Retreat 

Hacker Retreat is a teacher! Why I used this word here is for the reason that its the website that gives software professional a 3-month camp for becoming a better computer programmer. It makes you learn how to improve, expand your skills as coders and grow an exceptional amount quickly.


6. f.lux

All you designers tend to forget the number of hours you spend in front of their systems. It’s even possible that you’re staying up too late. f.lux is a tool that makes the color of your computer’s display adapt to the time of day, warm at night and like sunlight during the day. f.lux makes you sleep better or you could just use it just because it makes your computer look better.  Just install f.lux in computer/laptop to make it eye friendly. It is available for windows Xp, win 7,Vista, MAC osX , Linux and also for iOS.


7. Skala Preview

Designing for iOS devices is quite a cumbersome job to constantly transfer screenshots to the device. Skala Preview is a super easy to use application for sending the designs to mobile devices.


8. NProgress.js

NProgress.js is a nanoscopic progress bar that features realistic trickle animations to convince your users that something is happening.


9. Pttrns

This is an online portal that is a compete source of insipration for designers.If you are the one who is making a mobile application, Pttrns is sure to be of great help. You can visit this site to find some inspiration. Open the link and you will see that it collects more than 1000 beautifully crafted UI design in mobile applications that are undoubtedly great source of inspiration.

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10. sizzlepig

Whether you’re a graphic designer, art director, production artist or photographer,you ceratianly have faced a situation where resizing of images became a fussy job. Sizzlepig is the most powerful tool for resizing images. Its the most efficient way of achieving the desired results.


11. annyang

Annyang is a Voice Command library that lets users add voice interaction to our website just like what Siri does for iOS. Using Voice Command is used in extending website accessibility thereby enriching the user experience. This javascript library lets your visitors control your site with voice commands.


12. Groc

Groc is a tool originally created by a renowned developer named Ian MacLeod. Members of the Gilt engineering team came on the board and got involved with the project, adding new features. Groc is an automated front-end documentation generator-we heard about it from one of our readers.

Groc helps in

  • Generating documentation from the source code.
  • Submitting documentation to the github pages for the project.
  • Generating a searchable table of contents for all documented files and headers within the project.
  • Handling difficult hierarchies of source code across various folders.

So, this is the end of this week’s listicle of latest tools and apps for designers and developers. Do let us know if you know any such tool that would be of help to the designers and developers. we would love to include the same in our coming week’s list.