Latest Apps and Tools of the Week [5th October-11th October]

We at TheDesignBlitz are here once again with the list of cool tools, apps and online portals for all you designers and developers to make your task easy, less time consuming and more productive by helping you either directly or indirectly.

Well, this week’s listicle comprises of tools such as Facebook Addiction Alarm, an almost similar leechblock, Start Bootstrap and other cool apps, and online portals.

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Listed below are the latest apps and tools for designers and developers of the second week of this month that is [5th October -11th October]. Take a look!

Useful Apps and Tools for Designers and Developers

1. LeechBlock

LeechBlock is a simple productivity tool that is designed to block the time-wasting websites that can waste your valuable time that can be otherwise used in the productive way.

2. PandaDoc

PandaDoc is a tool to handle important documents easily and in a logical manner. PandaDoc helps users track their documents, gives you information about who has looked at what, when, thereby providing them with detailed analytics to help them plan their next move. With this cool tool users can use e-signature to get things signed off on quickly, easily and securely.


3. Facebook Addict Alarm

Facebook you all know has become the addiction for lot many people out there. I won’t be wrong in saying that it is a silent addiction. The “Facebook Addict Alarm” is an app/extension that alerts you every time you spend more than 15 minutes on the site and reminds you to avoid use of Facebook. Designers and all online professionals out there need to work really hard and Facebook addiction takes a lot of your valuable time. This app lets you enjoy social network without forgetting your work. Sounds cool, huh!

4. Howmuchtomakeanapp

As the name clearly says, its an app that lets you estimate the cost of an app that you develop. Its a cool handy tool worth checking out.

5. Metta

Metta is an outstanding digital storytelling tool With a minimum amount of time experimenting with all the available options. This tool lets you learn stories, documentaries, summaries, compilations, coverage or for your research and curation work. Users can create quick movies out of videos, pictures, text and sounds that are already on the web or just upload your own material. Its as simple as that.


6. Solo

Solo is the easiest way to manage your projects. It helps create contacts, manage tasks, upload files, track project progress and keep notes in the same place and without fuss. With it keeping the track of time for a particular task, file management, global search and lot many other things are possible that make you work in a well organized manner.

7. LucidPress

LucidPress is an online portal, a layout app that lets users create beautiful print and digital documents. Also, it lets users create stunning documents in short span of time. Make flyers, brochures, newsletters, magazines, and photo books speedily and with ease with this layout app.

8. Start Bootstrap

Created with the clear aim to help you get started on your next Bootstrap project, the HTML templates are ready to use. Users can download what they like and get started. The templates featured on Start Bootstrap are built using the Bootstrap 3 framework. Besides, an in-depth understanding of the Bootstrap framework is essential to make optimum use of this cool tool.

9. FlatIcon

This is a great tool that kets designers download vectors directly in their Photoshop. There is a good range of over 10,000 vectors that can be downloaded with ease.  Also, you can download 12,643 free vector icons depending upon which one you feel is of your use. Create the list of icons you like, download the same as  SVG, PNG or WebFont, get the files and all the information needed for your web project.

10. Drag-And-Drop Collaborative App

Newbie designers know how difficult it is to create a publishable design layout be it for a paper magazine or a digital poster. It is for this reason Lucidpress has come up with a new publishing tool named Drag-And-Drop collaborative app that will help you in making it dead simple to create superb designs and collaborate them with others with ease.

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11. Infographic that weighs the pros and cons of freelancing

Here is an infographic that lets you weigh the pros and cons of freelancing if you are planning to kickstart. Its not a tool, app, or online portal instead an infographic that we found worth sharing.  Click the link to see the full infographic.

12. Mac Text Editor Mou

Markdown is a text formatting syntax developed by John Gruber that allows you to format text without using complicated HTML or traditional menu bar tools.It is useful tool while working in plain text applications as formatting you apply can be converted and opened in any other supporting text editor.


With this, we come to an end of this week’s list of useful tools, apps and websites. Do let us know which one of these you found worth using and also tell us about any other you think could be the part of the list.


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