30 Magnificent Light Painting Design Examples

Light painting image is the promising trend in the current market as it boasts of interesting colours and details. These paintings are designed to impress visitors and keep them mesmerized for longer time duration. Light paintings can be mostly found in photo sharing websites like Flickr etc.

Check out these 30 Magnificent Light Painting Design Examples and enrich your imagination level for creating stunning light painting designs on your own.

1. Guitar Light Painting

guitar light painting

2. Painting with Light

painting with light

3. Light Painting by BusterBrownBB

light painting by busterbrownBB

4. Chop his Head

chop his head

5. Swirl Light

swirl light

6. Surreal Encounter

surreal encounter

7. The Movement

the movement

8. Spherocyte


9. In the Woods

in the woods

10. Glass Heart

glass heart

11. Light Painting

light painting

12. Painting with Light – Laptop

painting with light laptop

13. USO


14. Light Painting Heart

light painting Heart

15. Christmas is Coming

christmas is coming

16. Leonardo


17. SparkGap


18. Chrononaut


19. Profile Painting

profile painting

20. Undercover


21. Bascule


22. Pyrogen


23. Share your Love

share your love

24. Twist


25. Light Painting by DalMax

light painting by dalmax

26. Night Watcher

night watcher

27. Light Spiral

light spiral

28. V24 in the Daffs

V24 in the daffs

29. Circle


30. Magical Magical Magical

magical magical magical


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