Mobile App Landing Pages for Inspiration

Daily new business and entrepreneurs are mushrooming in. Unlike past years, today publicity has become cheap and relatively quite easy. As soon as you have an idea and have an initial plan, you can start your website and get its mobile version done to reach customers on the day one itself. Similarly, when you have an idea of a service/product, you can create an app and provide its online link for download. If created with care and understanding of the market needs, it is not any exaggeration that your app can become popular within a short time span and people start downloading your app free if you allow to do so or buying your app and making you rich. However, it is not as simple as it sounds. It needs lot of hard work in terms of creating those first impacts on the potential customers.

First impression can be the last impression as after it people may stop visiting you. Sounding rude? Well it is but it is true when the landing pages of mobile apps are not designed carefully. Landing pages are the first pages that people reach or lands upon, once they click the link of your app via some advertisement or simple type the URL for your app. It is your first and the only chance that can hold a visitor or push him away forever. Every app has its own unique features and purposes. Similarly, landing page of each app should be relevant and inspirational in accordance with the app. There should be clarity about the motive of the app on the first page i.e. the landing page itself. The more time a visitor spends on the landing page tells the level of interest the page creates. Sometimes, your app can provide multiple features/services and it may happen that visitors are looking for something specific. In such cases the services should be divided/spread smartly to take the visitor along that particular path only and bypassing rest of the areas (at least initially).

Mobile screens are small as compared to PC/Laptops and hence the content/text is quite limited in case of Mobile apps. Due to this constraint, the content needs to be smartly written and arranged. In addition, the design of the landing page should be inspirational enough to attract and motivate the visitor to enter the site further. Idea is, landing page especially for Mobile apps must appeal, educate/inform, and trigger visitors to enter into the site and get the app. As we know pictures speaks louder than words so adding images will add an emotional element to the design. Being human, we all get attracted and feel more easily connected to the background images, animations etc.

Here are my favourite Mobile app landing pages for inspiration. Some have awesome designs, some uses bold colors, some have beautiful backgrounds pictures, and some have superb typography that attracts enough to go further and create substantial interest to download the app. You will surely found these unexpectedly creative, as each page is unique in its own way.

1. LetterSchool

2014-04-21 07.11.37 am

2. PixelMogul

2014-04-21 07.13.57 am

3. Facebook Paper

2014-04-21 07.16.01 am

4. Human

2014-04-21 07.17.43 am

5. Mixio

2014-04-21 07.19.24 am

6. Kuvva

2014-04-21 07.20.34 am

7. The Converted

2014-04-21 07.22.15 am

8. Turnplay

2014-04-21 07.23.27 am

9. iRide

2014-04-21 07.25.07 am

10. PeekCalendar

2014-04-21 07.26.24 am

11. Iris

2014-04-21 07.27.58 am

12. Connect Mania

2014-04-21 07.29.32 am


13. Mount Vista

2014-04-21 07.30.31 am

14. Everest

2014-04-21 07.31.58 am

15. MeetingResult

2014-04-21 07.34.42 am

16. MoonCamp App

2014-04-21 07.35.43 am

17. Directions

2014-04-21 07.37.15 am

18. CoronaCapital

2014-04-21 07.38.08 am

19. FingerBilliards

2014-04-21 07.39.26 am

20. myMail

2014-04-21 07.40.47 am

Each landing page should highlight the product and service clearly. A quick demo of your service would be equally appreciated as it makes visitors more comfortable and firm about getting the app. As I discussed before, Mobile apps do not have much scope of written content, it is always good to be focussed and minimalistic in the design and content. Your mobile app landing page should act as a guide that holds every visitor’s hands and get them to get the app finally. See, when you are creating a landing page for a Mobile app, irrespective of the type or model of phone, your sole motive is to convince the visitor to download the app or at least get the subscription. However, it is easier said than done to design/create good Mobile app landing pages for inspiration but it is tough, not impossible.

A good landing page can for sure attract to have subscriptions and downloads later. An inspirational landing page can do wonders for a normal app and a bad landing page can keep the visitors away from a fantastic app. It is like, WYSIWYG. Hence, it is very important to grab the attention of visitors at the first place. As soon as they click the link of the app they should become spell bound and inspired enough to get the app immediately. In crux, clarity of objective, focus, attractive design and smart navigation all together create a marvellous Mobile App Landing Page for Inspiration.

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