75 Creative One Page Sites for Your Inspiration

One page websites are quite trending these days with all the important information being displayed in the same page. It minimizes the effort of the visitors to go deep into the site menu and visit different web pages and then search for the necessary information.

Designers need to put their creative ideas or thoughts to showcase the entire data in one page. And they can even add striking effects as the page is being scrolled down to the bottom of the website. One page websites works great for product, business, portfolio and other similar kind of websites, for which the content won’t be growing anywhere in the near future.

Check out this collection of the most beautiful and Creative One Page Websites to arouse your imagination level and get you inspired in the long run.

1. Pi’s Epic Journey

pi’s epic journey2. Every Last Drop

every last drop

3. La Petite Maison Favart

la petite maison favart4. Guilherme Bento

guilherme bento

5. Trionn Design

trionn design6. My Pizza Oven

my pizza oven7. Saucony Kinvara 3

saucony kinvara 3

8. Scroll For Your Health

scroll for your health

9. 17Grad

17grad10. A Viagem Autonomica

a viagem autonomica

 11. All-N-1 House of Beauty

all n 1 house of beauty

12. Creative Web Design Agency

creative web design agency13. Dice Sales

dice sales14. Harvey Vice

harvey vice15. Hashtago


16. Interior Design by Decade

interior design by decade17. Jules Bassoleil

jules bassoleil18. Laura Baffari

laura baffari

19. Live to Change the World

live to change the world20. Marco Rosella

marco rosella21. Marty

marty22. Mixio


23. MoonCamp

mooncamp24. Moving Islands

moving islands25. My Lake Map

my lake map26. New Skoda Octavia

new skoda octavia27. Numero10

numero1028. Officeline Lie

officeline lei29. Once A Unicorn

once a unicorn30. Patie & Felipe

pati & felipe

31. Photolab Athens

photolab athens

32. Prosper Cartoon Studio

prosper cartoon studio33. Sergio Pedercini

sergio pedercini34. Snipcart

snipcart35. The Art of Texture

the art of texture36. The Twelve

the twelve37. Typetalk


38. Vondutch


39. Woodsly Summer 2014 Lookbook 

woodsly summer 2014 lookbook

40. Indian Runner

indian runner

41. Kaber


42. Samsung Vacuum Cleaner Microsite

samsung vacuum cleaner microsite

43. Same Old Shit

same old shit

44. Veronika Woell

veronika woell

45. World Cup Match Balls

world cup match balls

46. Climachill Cooling Revolution

climachill cooling revolution

47. Food is for Eating

food is for eating

48. Dejan Ulcej

dejan ulcej

49. Aquatilis


50. Kaiser Sosa Portfolio

kaiser sosa portfolio

51. Shadow


52. Met Minder Geen Genoegen

met minder geen genoegen

53. Insania Publicidade Interativa

insania publicidade interativa

54. Gilgul Culinary Productions

gilgul culinary productions

55. LG Webdevelopment

LG webdevelopment

56. JAMEL Interactive Agency

jamel interactive agency

57. Imperial Cafe London

imperial cafe london

58. Technobooz


59. Numo


60. The Creatures of Morningside Park

the creatures of morningside park

61. Flazingo


62. 16Div


63. Soumya Ranjan Bishi

soumya ranjan bish

64. 2013 on Ustream

2013 on ustream

65. CoolApps


66. Gustave Cafe 

gustave cafe67. Frismedia

frismedia68. Fluger Design

fluger design

69. Kinderfotografie Evi Hermans

kinderfotografie evi hermans70. Smart Phood

smart phood

71. State of the Business Owner 2013

state of the business owner 201372. Create Pilates

create pilates73. Built Things

built things74. Atmosphere Maps

atmosphere maps75. Loomideck


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