Questions to Ask Before Taking Redesign Project

In the past decade, online communication broke all boundaries for information flow. Initially internet was used for educational, defence, other govt. related departments but gradually its ease, and approach lures many to use it for business and earn money. In any business, contacts, reachability, and readiness work hand in hand and all are important. Website is the face of any company, business, or institution. Websites gives a clarity, presents the overview, and details to some extents of the owner.

It is quite significant that you as a website designer must ask specific questions before taking any redesign project. In addition, as it is the case of redesign it is important to understand that why the earlier design was got rejected. Depending on the purpose of the business, audiences, budget different designs, and features are incorporated. Here are some essential questions to ask before taking redesign project.


What is the Selling Point of the company/business?

There is lot of competition going on in every sector and all business faces such challenges. In that case, the features/services, which makes a company, stand out and makes it different from others gets the advantage. It is very important to focus and highlight these outstanding points properly on the website, which is nothing but the face of any business.

What are the Pain areas?

Looking at only the positives and strengths can get a business nowhere. It is very important when you redesign the website; it should take care of all pain areas too and show some solutions for the same. This will build trust in customer and website will look more authentic.

What are the core Business(s) and its goals?

If you are selling tops but focus is on shorts then nobody can save any business. It is very important for the re-designer to understand the core business and have the feel of the essence of it. Only then, a website can do justice to a great and flourishing business. Innovation is the key and hence the website designer should understand all the goals and scope of innovation perceived by the company. A website in sync with business objectives will surely help in success.

What is the outlook of the Company and who are the competitors?

Knowing about the company, its competitors, and their work actually helps a lot in creating a unique and different from all website. Customers who can be nonprofessional or otherwise all are always interested in what the company does and how they do it. It is very important to display all of it via website effectively.

Who is the target Audiences/customers?

Of course, the end user or the customers who will view the website are the focus while designing any website. The design of the website depends a lot on target audiences, their taste, and preferences. People living in urban area will have a total different outlook from that of rural one. Audiences having some basic knowledge of the products will look for something else as compared to a novice.

How much is the Budget?

Money, after all everything comes with a cost. How many features, facilities a company can provide will have a definite impact on the design of the website.

What kind of View is expected?

Is company interested in some specific visual design? If yes then a re-designers have to consider this.

What is the Marketing strategy and traffic sources for the website?

The layout and the design of a website also very much depends upon the way a company likes to market their products. It is also crucial to know about all the sources that provide visitors or traffic for the website.

Anything specific that business needs, which was not there earlier?

This seems a good question as if in case company had any prominent problem with the old website then after getting answer to this question, there is no chance that you keep on adding the similar stuff in the re-design.

How the blogs and forums will be maintained?

Blogs and forums are good platforms for communication and help a lot in marketing and promotions. However, this needs dedicated time and responsibility of someone from the company. Hence, before adding any of such feature it should be make sure that can it be maintained in future.

Having its roots back in 1990, website is a collection of webpages served from a single web domain and served by at least one web server. It may sound bit technical but a website is the first impact any business has on its views. Hence, it is very important whoever is re-designing the existing website should understand the actual need of website design.

People may have different order of asking questions but whatever is the order, please ask all of the above-mentioned questions before taking a redesign project. Once you have that clarity, the whole website is your play area!

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