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Logos, we all know rule the world. How? See from the customers’ point of view; logo serve as the instant reminder or product or services provided by a company. While for companies and businesses, logo serve as recognition point on which the business depends majorly and for a logo designer, it’s a challenging thing that asks them to compile all the details in such a visually appealing manner so as to magnetize the target audience.

I won’t be wrong in saying that no one is unaware of the important role logos play in our lives. For a designer, it becomes crucial to know what all it takes to design a logo. Besides creative skills, there are lot many things a designer needs to know and understand before starting to give shape to the ideas in a visually pleasing manner.

Talk about designing a logo for any company/client, a wise designer is one who knows the importance of taking the time of their clients and asking them questions which help in proper understanding of what exactly the company does, the services provided by the company, what all are the expectations of the clients and much more.

Logo designing might seem like a piece of cake to newbies but its one challenging job to design one as it represents the company playing the vital role in success of any business. Logo designing is all about understanding the brand so, it’s not enough for a designer to simply take a glance at the company’s literature and dive straight into Photoshop. You might understand what the client desires for as the end product but proper research and serious discussions with your client to get to gist about the business is any day important.


It is definitely not the waste of time if you go for asking the questions from the clients and seek clear answers to make sure you get the clear picture. Why not? Well, for all you logo designers who are new in the field or the ones who fail to understand what all questions to ask the client and what purpose they solve; here is the list of questions that solve the purpose helping you get the groundwork done. So, before you start playing around with any tools and put in your best efforts to create a logo design for your client here are 10 questions you need to ask and get clear answers of each.

1. Tell me more about your business?

Asking this prime question that needs to be asked first will give you the clear idea as to what’s your client’s business. Besides, you will get the idea about the product or services provided by the company for which you are supposed to design the logo.


2. Who is your primary target market?

This question should be put forward for the reason that before you finally start designing the logo, you will well know the gender, age, geography, hobbies, where they shop, what brands appeal to them, income and occupation of the target market which will directly effect the decisions you take while designing the logo. The target audience should always be kept in mind while designing the logo.

3. Who are your main competitors?

By getting aware of logo designs of the competitors will help you make sure you don’t land up making somewhat similar logo design. Also, ask about the websites of the competitors of your client’s business so that you check before finally making the logo design.


4. Do you currently have a logo?

Ask your client about the existing logo design to get the idea as to which route you will take while designing the logo for a particular company. You should also ask about the time period for which the previous logo was used for you will get will an idea of the recognition that logo may have built up.

Besides you should ask your client the reason of changing it as this will give you the idea of what’s the new feature needs to be added or what all is expected to be eliminated from the logo design you create. You will also get the  motivation to create a new design and meet the expectations of clients.

5. What type of logo you are expected to design?

Obviously, you need to know what’s on the mind of your client as what all is expected of you while you come up with a logo design. Which type of logo out of main business logo, personal brand logo, website logo, application or software logo is to be designed should be clear in your mind before you begin as each one ask to be treated differently.


6. What’s the tagline of the company if any?

Ask your client if the brand/business has a tagline and if it needs to be included in logo design. This question needs to be asked before you begin with the making of logo design; you never know the client might want it to be included in logo and may ask you to do so once you are done with designing. Why fall into this situation?


7. Are there any existing brand colors?

The company/brand you are designing logo for might have the existing brand colors and the client might not be comfortable in changing them or there is a possibility that the client might want some changes. So, its a good idea to talk about it beforehand.


8. Which type of logo you find appealing/unappealing and why?

Asking this question is sensibly fine because it will give you the clear idea as what you can include and what all you need not include to make it pleasing to the client. The client might give you the examples of the logo that are liked and disliked for various reasons. It will help you design the right kind of logo design.


9. What is the time-frame?

Ask your client beforehand till when they expect you to complete the designing of the logo else it might be bugging you in future; you never know the client wants it as soon as possible. Not all clients are in rush to get the things done. They give ample time to show your creative skills. Don’t miss out this question.


10. What’s the budget?

This is indeed a question that need not be missed out. Even if you are designing a logo for a client who you know pays you for your services but every project needs to be handled differently and companies have set budget for different projects. So, before you jump to Photoshop ask the client about the budget. If you feel it’s not meeting your expectation; tell them frankly.

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Additional comments/brief?

Ask your clients for any additional comments, things they expect you to keep in mind while designing and what all they want you not to include and anything else.

Listed above are the standard questions that a logo designer should ask before designing the logo for any brand or company. The list is general, you can add your own to the list to ensure smooth working with different clients. Don’t forget to share your current logo design brief  tips (if different from the list above) with us.