10 Super Cool Tree Houses Around the Globe

Tree houses are built above the ground level i.e. around or next to the branches or trunk of one or more trees. As we all know that trees play a vital role in boosting our physical and mental health. One has to spend more time around trees to relax and recharge themselves from stressful life.

Tree houses are mainly constructed for retreat, recreation, leisure and observation purpose. They are even used as tea houses, hotels, restaurants etc.

Take a tour at this incredible set of 10 Super Cool Tree houses Around the Globe.

1. The HemLoft Treehouse

the hemloft treehouse

 2. Treehotel in Harads

treehotel in harads

 3. Yellow Treehouse Restaurant

yellow treehouse restaurant

 4. Three Story Treehouse

three story treehouse

 5. Free Spirit Sphere Treehouses

free spirit sphere treehouses

6. Treehouse for Birds and People

treehouse for birds and people

 7. Eco-friendly Finca Bellavista Treehouse

eco friendly finca bellavista treehouse

 8. UFO Treehouse

UFO treehouse

9. The Witch House

the witch house10. Too High Tea House

too high tea house

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