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15 Light & Ultra-Thin Fonts for Your Inspiration

It has become necessary for designers to choose right fonts for complementing their designs. Although, it’s a tricky job for designers to search for the suitable fonts that goes well the layout and colour selections. To ease the search process, we have come up with the fresh

Fresh Free Fonts – March 2014 Edition

Staying updated with what’s the new thing, and the latest trend in the field of designing is of prime importance.  There are some resources, tutorials and few such topics that we come up on the monthly basis. We do this intentionally on the scheduled time to let

Fresh Free Fonts for your Next Design Project

Fonts are the part and parcel of the world of designing! For all those who are in this field know well how important it is to find the right font for different design projects. Coming across high-quality fresh fonts that don’t prick the pockets are always an awesome

6 Best Tools To Identify Fonts

Web designers tend to admire beautiful fonts! Many a times while handling certain project or simply surfing around, they come across certain fonts that are so visually appealing that they get curious to know about the particular font for future reference. This curiosity leads to irresistibility of knowing

70 Free Halloween Fonts for Designers

We are certainly not posting this article too early but we did not want to be late so we chose to publish it today. Halloween is just around the corner so we wanted to share some useful stuff with all those of you who are working hard