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10 Websites to Download Free Texture Patterns

Internet filled the gap of communication due to physical distances. Private or Public Websites all are considered as the first impression or the first introduction of the owner. The designers consider layout and design with content as the most important features take care of. Texture adds depth

Fresh Free Fonts – March 2014 Edition

Staying updated with what’s the new thing, and the latest trend in the field of designing is of prime importance.  There are some resources, tutorials and few such topics that we come up on the monthly basis. We do this intentionally on the scheduled time to let

100+ Best Freebies From Dribbble Community – February 2014

On the web, you never fall short of amazing stuff that can be motivational, knowledgeable, inspiring or useful. Talk about freebies, we all prefer them over the paid services for the very simple reason that these never prick our pockets. However that doesn’t mean there is any

Fresh Free Fonts for your Next Design Project

Fonts are the part and parcel of the world of designing! For all those who are in this field know well how important it is to find the right font for different design projects. Coming across high-quality fresh fonts that don’t prick the pockets are always an awesome

60 Best Freebies From Dribbble Community – January 2014

While we are thinking what’s new in the world of designing, there are ingenious people running their brain and working hard to come up with cool stuff to make their contribution in the field of designing. Dribbble, is one of the cool communities that let the web

13 Best Free Valentine’s Day Flyer Templates

Flyer templates have been a great source of inspiration besides being available for downloading to be used for various purposes like invitations. Remember 40 Hottest Nightclub Flyer Designs for Inspiration, 10 Best Free Christmas Flyer Templates, and 9 Best Free New Year Flyer Templates we came up with. With the hope

Latest Best Free Vector and PSD Logo Templates

From Questions to Ask Clients Before Designing Their Logo to 25 Creative Photography Related Logo Designs for your Inspiration, we have been talking in length about logo designing. We make sure to help all you designers out there by coming up with various tips and tricks besides

9 Best Free New Year Flyer Templates

Just recently we came up with some really interesting articles for this Christmas. Moving on to the next most awaited occasion, we have decided to look for some amazing stuff and compile yet other cool listicles. Wondering what occasion I am talking about? Ofcourse its New Year!

Latest Best Free Christmas Icon Sets

Christmas you all know is jam packed with fun events and the whole december month just passes by in preparations for the festive season. And designers keep their minds occupied with what they would be coming up making optimum use of their creative skills. The festive season

10 Best Free Christmas Flyer Templates

Christmas is around the corner and I am sure you all might be looking for cool stuff to come up with this festive season. Correct me if I am wrong! Here is one article that is entirely dedicated to the designers who are taking up the projects