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TheDesignBlitz logo needed a fresh look as we found the previous one bit outdated. We wanted to keep the bright colors but use them in a more professional way. After too much of brainstorming, we came up with a couple of different mockups and decided what is perfect for us.

Three bright solid colors are used in order to keep certain aspect of our previous logo without it looking childish. Textual part of the logo was done in a great typography that was modern and professional at the same time. With the bright colors and the text that were loud enough on their own we have chosen something modern and minimalistic for the graphic part. Using the negative space and 3 colors we created a great graphic reading DB.

In an interesting process we have ended up with a logo that has two amazingly connected but at the same time separated parts. “The Design Blitz” that is strong enough on its own and “db” graphic part that is simple, effective and recognizable even without the name of the website next or under it.

TheDesignBlitz 2

So, what are your thoughts about the logo? Do let us know in the comments section below!