Top 10 YouTube Channels for Photoshop Tutorials

When we talk about a professional design software then Photoshop is the name that is popping up in our minds from last two decades. The excellent tools it contains and their updates have made it the king in the market. It is a great tool or rather a bunch of tools for pro artists and customizers alike. However, when so many features are at your disposal, you would definitely need some learning.

Today, I am going to share the best YouTube channels for Photoshop tutorials for you friends. WYSIWYG is followed here and you get surely good videos on these channels that can do wonders in your learning curve. Let us start, as I do not waste much time of you creative people.

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Adobe Photoshop Channel

Before we go further what can be better to start with the Adobe’s own official channel. As expected channel provides Photoshop’s marvels i.e. 14 videos and some hidden tips, and 64 videos as tutorials (explaining video editing on CSS5, manipulating and synthesizing images, restoring old pictures, automated lens correction, actually list is too long.. All selection and masking techniques are included here and this channel is the first and most important step in learning Photoshop.

IceFlowStudios Photoshop Video Training

IceFlowStudios provides a series of playlist that has almost everything you are trying to learn about Photoshop. For specific feature, dedicated playlist cover every minutest detail of that feature. There you see around 50 videos that explain basics of Photoshop that gradually move to advanced concepts.


On TutorVid, I could see variety of tutorials, starting from basics and gradually moving to advance via intermediate levels. There is a playlist called “Learn Photoshop in 60 seconds/day” (32 video tutorials of around 60 seconds), an interesting, and quick one to learn some features quickly on the go. The “to the point” approach saves lot of time and you can contribute and earn while learning.

Photoshopmama’s OPD (Obsessive Photoshop Disorder)

Please do not go by the funny name, this channel is quite serious when comes to leaning. Experts properly design tutorials and they will enhance your love for design and creativity. It has more than 140 videos will take forward your obsession for Photoshop. Shan is an expert and markets several Photoshop resources from her channel. You simply cannot miss this channel.

Pixel for life

If you are looking for something extra on your learning expedition, you can look at this channel. It covers a range of tutorials for Photoshop, web and graphic designing. Hence, apart from tutorials like Photoshop 3D cereal box technique, you also get a treat of tutorials for HTML-PHP mail form coding and CSS etc.

Photoshop Tutorials

Photoshop tutorials have some of the most amazing Photoshop video tutorials. These were created using Photoshop CS6 and most of them work for Photoshop CS3 or newer. Beginners and experienced learners will get sufficient levels for enhanced learnings here. There are free PSD downloads and written tutorials available for a better learning.

Photoshop Training Channel (PTC)

One of my friend was looking for some high quality Photoshop training tutorials and found this channel. You can learn photo manipulation, retouching, text effects etc. here. This channel provides is simple yet effective way of learning. Overall, it a good and easy learning source for Photoshop.

Gavin Hoey Photo Videos

When you are passionate about photography, you will eventually come to this site. The owner/developer of this channel – U.K. based Photographer Gavin Hoey brings the value of Photoshop for photographers. You can learn Digital imaging and photo manipulation quickly and impressively with the tutorials loaded here.

Creative sweet TV

An Australian Mike McHugh has made something fabulous for the entire Adobe Creative Suite learning. Playlist are there where you can learn and explore all the Photoshop video lessons.

Ch-Ch- Check It Productions

This one may not cover everything about Photoshop but explains a wonderful effect called “afterglow” that you would also love to learn. Systematically explanation makes it so easy to understand. There are two admins here for this channel and they narrates some wonderful tutorials each one about 10-20 minutes long. Some of the advanced ones are no doubt longer that can last for an hour too. It has more than 47,000 subscribers for a 200+ of videos at the time I checked for the information.

By now, hope you have what you were craving for to learn. These channels cover almost all that is lying there for your learning. Go and make the best use of it. I am sure your masterpiece has already started taking its shape in your mind. Best wishes!


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