Latest Apps and Tools of the Week [17th August-23rd August]

Are you all web designers and developers liking our articles that comprise of cool tools, websites and apps that promise to enhance your productivity by helping you one way or the other? These tools are indeed of great help incase one gets stuck while handling projects that need to be completed well on time. In such situation one wishes to get out of the problem without having to spare extra time and efforts that might take the toll. Here is when these useful tools and websites come into play.

Believe me, while preparing the listicle of these cool tools, apps and websites I too get to know about the latest joinees that actually promise to help the designers and developers a great deal.


Here is our this weeks’ list of latest useful tools, apps and websites that we have carefully selected for you all to take a look and use the ones that solve your purpose.

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Useful Tools and Apps for Designers and Developers

1. Compressnow

Its a web tool that compresses images with ease, helps reduce the weight of images enabling webpages to load faster thereby saving the bandwidth. Users simply need to choose their percentage of compression to get a result. Compressnow lets you upload images up to 9 MB that is 9000 KB and compress them without altering the height and width of the images. gif, jpg, jpeg, png are the files that Compressnow supports.


2. Easy HTML5 Video

Easy HTML5 Video as the name hints lets you convert any video to HTML5. Its a free wizard program that helps you create HTML5 video for your website in just a few clicks. As you all know HTML5 is the fastest growing web development trend and HTML5 video part is the new way of showing video online. iPad, iPhone, Android, all new browsers support the HTML5 video.


3. Kraken

Kraken lets you optimize your images with speedily. Kraken is a robust, super fast image optimizer with numerous optimization algorithms. Besides, it help you save bandwidth and improve your website’s load times. If you are wondering which file formats Kraken supports let me tell you that it supports JPEG, PNG, GIF and SVG files.


4. Webflow

Webflow is a cool tool that helps you spend more time on perfecting your design leaving you tension-free about CSS quirks and browser bugs thereby making your website look superb across various devices. .


5. ModularGrid

ModularGrid is an app for web designers that helps you create a modular grid in Adobe Photoshop that too without fuss. Simply download and install the extension. With the recent stable version of either Google Chrome, Safari, Opera or Mozilla Firefox, the ModularGrid app works superb.


6. DesignDrop

Design Drop is a new way to that lets you conduct design reviews and collect feedback. Design as you all know is about communicating ideas the best possible way and the feedback from the clients and co workers play a crucial role. Design Drop helps designers capture and organize feedback making the review process significantly effective and less painful.



If you are disappointed with the small list of this weeks’ tools and apps for designers and developers then don’t be you never know next weeks’ listicle comprises of many more of them.

We genuinely make sure that our lists include nothing but the best and the ones that stand apart and have promising features becomes the entrant of the list of Latest Apps and Tools of the Week.

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