Latest Apps and Tools of the Week [24th August-30th August]

I wonder how ingenious creative minds out there come to know what exactly is needed for web designers and developers to show their creative skills and handle even the most difficult projects with ease. Each time I sit to jot down the list of cool tools, apps and online portals for designers and developers the very first thing that comes to my mind is this time I won’t be getting more than 2-3 useful tools. But then I am proved wrong with the availability of good number of latest cool tools and websites.

I am sure each of the tools and apps we come up with each week are making you feel blessed to be the part of the tech era where there is no shortage of helping hands. Obviously people who develop these useful tools, apps and websites indirectly provide helping hands to the designers and developers. Correct me if I am wrong!


Well, without further adieu let me begin with this weeks’s best apps for designers and developers. Check out the previous listicles on latest apps and tools for designers and developers by clicking on the links below.

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Useful Tools and Apps for Designers and Developers

1. UpdraftPlus

UpdraftPlus is WordPress backup and restoration tool that simplifies backups and restoration. From Dropbox, Google Drive to Rackspace Cloud, DreamObjects, FTP, SFTP, WebDAV and email backup and restoration can be done can with a single click.


2. extractCSS

extractCSS is an open source project created by Adnan TOPAL. It is an online tool that helps users extract ids, classes and inline styles from HTML document and output them as CSS stylesheet. Users simply need to type or paste their HTML document and let extractCSS to do the rest!



WakaTime is an automatic time tracking for your text editor. You simply need to install this open-source plugin for your text editor. Use your text editor and your time will be logged in the background automatically. To check out the the time you spend on each project you need to visit in your browser. Its as simple as that!

4. Ultimate Free Toolkit

Recently Design Junction shared a huge list of resources and free toolkits for designers and developers. You can check them out by clicking either the image or the link. These free tools have been categorized into their primary role web design, web development, mobile and SEO. On clicking the link you will be directed to the website where you can check these tools by using the filters to check out the sub categories and find out which one would become your pick.


5. CodeMentor

Codementor is your instant 1:1 mentor for programming and design. It is a tool that helps you connects you with experienced mentors for instant help by screen sharing, video, and text chat. The topics on which you can get get expert advice are Ruby, Python, PHP, JavaScript, CSS/HTML, iOS, and more thereby helping you overcome the key challenges to speed up your development process.


6. Bytesize

No matter how long you have been in the designing and developing filed the fact remains you should keep yourself posted with the latest buzz. Bytesize is a weekly news update that focuses on the technology, design and development industries. It helps you aware about what’s happening in your field.

7. Typewonder

Typewonder is a tool that helps you test various web fonts available and make your pick by checking which one suits your website. Open the website, enter your website url in the box provided and within no time you will be able to see the fonts that you can choose from. Isn’t it the fuss-free way of choosing the right fonts for your website?


8. Zhopped

Zhopped is a free online image editing community of creative minds out there who are seeking help with the image editing needs. From retouching, restoration to manipulation, enhancements, corrections, removals and more users can do almost anything they wish to. Users are asked to simply upload the request, show off their image editing skills by editing requests and build a collection of amazing edits. Also, users can participate in activities and earn prizes which is a feature soon to be launched.


9. Tiff

Tiff is a type diff tool that visually contrasts the differences between two fonts. As of now it supports fonts from the Google Web Fonts library and any system fonts. It would be highly suggestive that you should use it in the latest version of modern day browsers you use.

Will be back after a week for the latest update of tools, websites and apps. Stay tuned! I hope this weeks’ listicle to prove useful for all you web designers and developers.


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