Latest Apps and Tools of the Week [7th September-13th September]

Cool tools, online portals, and applications are continuously been introduced with the aim to help designers and developers in their day to day project handling. With the idea of helping our readers with some great tools we keep coming up with the list of best and useful tools and apps for designer and developers that promise to make their task as much easy as possible.

With the second week of the month of September almost ending we are here once again with what we call useful tools that are worth checking out. This weeks’ list includes tools that can be termed as utilities and worth checking out. Besides, there is one DIY project of programming which interested me to an extent that I wanted to make sure it becomes the part our of list of cool tools and apps.

From Skwibl, BigBucket to WhatTheFont there are many tools that were worth sharing as these promise to help designers and developers a great deal.


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Useful Apps and Tools for Designers and Developers

1. Create CSS3

Create CSS3 is an easy online CSS3 generator. As you can see in the image below various CSS website design elements are there on the left hand side. Clicking on one will automatically paste the code into the main part of the screen. You can edit the code as you see fit and press the preview button to see your changes. Once you are done you can copy and paste the final code and generate create CSS3.


2. Lob

Lob is a cloud printing online resource for developers. Users can send a HTTP request with printing parameters and Lob everything from letters to posters. Not only this best quality printing can be done on high-end industrial equipment and can be delivered to any part of the world. It is free to use except for printing which is chargeable.


3. Skwibl

Skwibl is a common space for designers and clients to collaborate on a project. If you are a designer then you can get to enjoy simple project management for your images and videos. Besides, your clients can mark specific places on an image or a video frame to simplify your communication. The best thing is that the interactions are in real time to make the interaction easy.


4. How to Built a Raspberry Pi Twitter Bot

James Bruce on one of the major tech website ‘Makeuseof’ recently came up with DIY project explaining well in detail as to how to they can add usefulness of their personal Twitter stream by having a Raspberry Pi automatically tweet its current CPU temperature every hour, and a webcam picture. The programming language used in this DIY project is Python that is ideal for such DIY projects. I really liked the idea of this DIY of building Raspberry Pi Twitter which I felt is genuinely worth mentioning.

5. WhatTheFont

WhatTheFont is an online service that analyzes uploaded images and returns the font style matching the font used in the image. This is a tool that web designers would love as it gives immense range of fonts (similar to the one that is in the image uploaded) available in the database of WhatTheFont.


6. BigBucket

BitBucket by Aussie tech giant Atlassian is a tool that has been around for quite few years and has been impressing the users with its cool features. Its a tool that lets you host your code online in as many public and private repositories as you want. Well, this is free for 5 users and becomes a chargeable service thereafter.


7. Cloudup

Cloudup is a tool that is introduced with the aim to make users share anything from files, videos to links, music, documents, code, text and much more. Simply drag, drop, and stream! Cloudup provides users with an easy-to-use, instantaneous solution for streaming files large and small without any of the business process. The best part is that it is available for free which means users can easy stream anything that too without paying anything.


8. Marinara Timer 

For the freelance web designers and developers time management becomes a great challenge. Emails, texts, phone calls and snack breaks keep you from completing your tasks in time. Marinara Timer is an online productivity timer that promises to reduce distractions and limit the interruptions. The USP of this tool is that it is easily customizable to fit your needs. You select the length of periods based on what works for you.


9. Tridiv

Tridiv is a web-based editor for creating 3D shapes in CSS. It is a web-based editor for creating 3D shapes in CSS which is available for only Safari, Chrome and Opera. Tridiv allows you to launch straight in and start making your shapes and seeing the results by clicking the preview button.


10. PSD Covers

PSD Covers is a graphic resource site that provides high quality Photoshop Cover Actions such as eBook covers, smartphones, tablets, bottles, soda cans, cartons and CDs to name a few.


11.Color Wheel

Color Wheel is an online web service that lets designer give wings to their creative talent. Designers can pick various colors as per the need of the hour for their particular projects explore various themes too.


 With this we come to an end of this week’s listicle of cool tools, apps and online portals for designers and developers. Stay tuned for more stuff in this category!


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