Latest Apps and Tools of the Week [21st September-27th September]

Another Friday, another article on latest apps and tools of the week! This weeks’ list includes some of the really cool tools, apps and websites like Appslipt that lets App developers raise funds, sell Apps and much more, favicon.js to animate favicons, a DIY to create Github page, Sketchfab and others.

These tools, Apps, and web portals are truly helpful and are introduced with the clear aim to ease your task and make it less time consuming. So, what’s the delay for! Let’s begin checking them out but before that how about taking a look at previous weeks’ lists of best tools, Apps and websites for designers and developers?


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Useful Apps and Tools for Designers and Developers

1. Appsplit

Appslipt is best bet for App developers. Set a goal, set some rewards and launch a campaign to fund your project and Appsplit will help you in raising funds. It also helps you sell your Apps. Simply list some information about your app and put it up for sale on the site, rest is Appsplit’s job.


2. Favico.js

Favico.js as the name hints is a tool that helps you animate your favicon with animated badges that can be customized as per your heart’s desire. The changes can be made in the background color, text and choose from slide, fade, or pop as your customizing options. The best part is that with the help of this tool you can create an icon no matter wherever you are from the images, videos, or a webcam stream without any problem.


3. Stylify Me

Enter the URL of a website and you will get to see the elements like fonts, colors, and image dimensions, broken down for you. StylifyMe lists the exact HEX codes for each color, specify which font the site is using. Also, you have the facility of downloading a PDF file with the information to view it later if you don’t have time at the moment.


4. DIY : Creating Github Page

Here is a DIY that helps you create a Github page for your project. You all know that Github is a place where you can host your projects and for that you need to know the step-wise procedure that must be followed to do so. You need to follow just seven simple steps  as listed by Thoriq Firdaus to create Github project for your project.


5. Curiator

Curiator is a community that lets art enthusiasts and professionals build their digital art collection by following each other’s collections and favorite artists besides tapping into an ever-expanding catalog of the world’s greatest art. How cool does that sound!


6. Sketchfab

Sketchfab is a tool that comes with free, powerful 3D modeling applications puts 3D models in your browser and embedding them in beautifully rendered form anywhere on the Web. There is no need to add plug-ins to view your embedded models, HTML5 does the needful.


7. Word Off

Wordoff strips and cleans the rubbish that is pasted into WYSIWYG editors from Microsoft Word. Also, it removes style elements and attributes, unnecessary elements like <font>s, <span>s and <div>s, empty elements, dead whitespace, and other bits of code that tend to break the HTML pages. All you need to do is simply paste in the text and press the button to get a clean version.


8. Typeform

Typform is an online tool that makes creating forms for ask questions from the users easy, fulfilled and fast. Simply add your logo, choose your colors and typography or add a background to fit your brand’s image. Set up highly customizable mail notifications for yourself and your respondents. This will give you the option of availing the insightful usage metrics across devices, generate reports, or export the data for further analysis.


9. Send Files Securely

As the name clearly talks about what this online service is all about Send Files Securly makes it secure and easy for the users to send files. There are options to choose from a free plan with no account registration to send and receive files or upgrading to a pro plan with additional features. Users need not worry about security as the files are securely transmitted using HTTPS and securely stored with high-grade encryption-AES 256-bit.


10. Web Capture

As the name hints, Web Capture is an online portal that helps users to capture a full webpage screenshot online. If you want to capture a full webpage screenshot, you can simply submit your link and WebCapture will do the rest. It will convert it to JPG, PDF whatever you choose. Also, you can download the picture as a zip file.


11. ShareLaTeX

ShareLaTeX is an online tool that helps you keep your LaTeX collaborators up to date by enabling users access and edit the same LaTeX document easily. With ShareLaTex, your collaborators can access the real-time editor while you keep working on the document. Besides, there is a built-in chat that will help you communicate while you’re editing.


12. Sculpin

Sculpin is a static site generator that is written in PHP. It converts Markdown files and formats Twig templates into a set of static HTML files that can be easily deployed.


13. Solo

Solo is an App that lets users manage their important projects with ease. Create contacts, manage tasks, upload files, track project progress, and keep notes all in the same place with this cool Solo App.


Do let us know if you know of any such helpful tool, App or website that promise to make the task of designers and developers easy.

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