Latest Apps and Tools of the Week [2nd August-8th August]

Being a designer you surely have the latest version of Adobe Photoshop,Illustrator, InDesign  and likewise for these promise to help you enhance your creativity. These are the common well known tools that each creative designer out there is well familiar with but what about the helpful tools, apps and websites that go unnoticed?

I guess being in this field for no matter how many years you have been, you feel bad about the time crunch that leaves no time for you to check the useful tools everyday. Why not? Sparing out time for such tools that help you enhance your creative skills in indeed worth it. But then, if it is becoming too difficult to do so then you certainly know what to do. Cisco 350-001 exam

A few days back we came up with Latest Apps and Tools of the Week which we promised to keep you all posted on weekly basis. Here, we are yet again to help you combat the time crunch while getting them all under same roof. However, this doesn’t hint that we list each and every tool, app or website available instead these are carefully picked to present before you nothing but the best. Check out some of the best tools and apps for designers and developers we have picked for this week.


Useful Apps and Tools for Designers and Developers

1. Charts Ninja 

Charts Ninja is a useful web app that’s designed specifically for web designers, developers and site owners to help them create HTML5 graphs and charts on the fly. Using innovative and intuitive user interfaces, this app doesn’t ask you to be well versed with it before using it. It generates simple code that can be copied and pasted into your website thereby generating beautiful and responsive HTML5 chart.


2. Save

With Save, users can download any file from the web directly to their Dropbox, Google Drive or SkyDrive accounts that too without download the same on your computer. Simply enter the file’s web address, pick a cloud service and within no time you will be able to see the file in your online account. Designers and developers can easily download files from any of the gadget to see it on their system while working or to show it to the client in an easy fuss-free manner. If you have a JavaScript enabled browser, and wanted such service since long then Save is the right pick for you.



3. LikeBtn

LikeBtn widget is the like counter that enables you to add the Like Button to the website with just a few lines of HTML-code and organize anonymous voting on your website. The users can put the code provided and embed a small like/dislike button to let the visitor to promote the post on social media too besides hitting the like button.


4. No Excuse List  

Internet is ruling the world today infact the way we use it keeps advancing with each passing day. The way we access information, communicate and learn everything is changing with passing time.  Take the example of learning new things using this great tool. Well, there are thousands of websites that can teach you everything you’d want to learn about that too without any charge. Users no longer have that advantage of making an excuse for not being able to learn something. Designers and developers can make optimum use of this tool to create website, app or anything, The No Excuse List will point people towards the best places on the web. Pretty cool huh!


5. Viscomsoft 

This is an online software that one can use to edit images and create animated GIFs that too with special effects. Available for free, to use this service users need not complete the registration. Its simple and easy to use.


 6. Embed Responsively

Embed Responsively is a website that helps build responsive embed codes for embedding rich third-party media into responsive web pages. Based on research and work by Theirry Koblentz, Anders Andersen and Niklaus Gerber Embed Responsively asks you to know the original embed code from the service you want to use. To embed a YouTube or Vimeo video, all you need is the direct link to the video. Same is the case with images on Instagram.


7. Mover

Mover help you streamline the process of transferring your data to the cloud. It changes cloud-storage providers, creates back up of your website or files and much more with ease. Simply sign up and with just few clicks start your transfers. Its as simple as that!



8. Slides

Slides allows the users to create and share beautiful presentations for free. Built by Hakim El Hattab and Owen Bossola, the world-class presentation framework is the backbone of Slides. Its an ideal pick for designers and other creative professionals.


9. MockUPhone

MockUPhone helps you wrap your app screenshots in multi-color/angle device mockups. Also, it provides better visual context for your app screenshots on your website. Powered by FileSquare, a Collaboration and Prototyping tool for creative teams enables users to display screenshots in a varied manner.


11. CodeAvengers

If you want to learn HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, Code Avengers is for you. It provides you with free interactive online courses that promise to teach the basics of web development and computer programming All the levels are free for registered teachers and for students level 1 is free while they have to shell out $5 for other levels.


12. CompressPNG Online Tool

CompressPNG as the name clearly says helps you compress PNG images into PNG-8 format with transparency support and full browser compatibility. Simply select up to 20 PNG files from you computer and then upload queue. You can use thumbnails to select images. Besides PNG, this cool tool helps compress BMP, ICO, GIF and JPG files too.

compress tool

Stay tuned for next weeks update! Also, you can suggest us to include any useful tool you feel deserves a mention by dropping in the comments below.


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