Latest Apps and Tools of the Week [26th July-1st August]

Designing is not a job that can be taken lightly. If you are keen enough to make people like your work then you got to be really dedicated. You should spend good amount of time for your work. However, this doesn’t ask you to keep sitting in front of your system and spend hours looking for answers of your questions in between your projects.

Sometimes while working on a project one feels stuck and wishes for smart solutions. How you wish you had options that could help make optimum use of time in developing your creative skills. Here tools, applications, resources and websites that are developed with specific reasons to help you out the smart way come into play. These days you don’t have to struggle hard to find the ways out to cut down the time and effort which otherwise could be used for creative purpose.

Professional web designing asks for effective, well-organized workflow which can be categorized as keys to success. More you become aware of useful and time-saving tools, more you tend to focus on important things creating good-quality results. Now the question arises as to how much time you need to spare out to check the useful tools and applications. I say not hours atleast…just 15 minutes a week.


How? Well, from today onwards we at TheDesignBlitz have decided to come up with the list of useful tools, services and resources for web designers and developers each week. Check out the ones selected for this week and don’t forget to bookmark the ones you find useful.

Useful Apps and Tools for Designers and Developers

1. Trovebox

TroveBox is a free to use web service that enables web designers to create backup of their images/screenshots of the designs being stored online that too without much fuss.


2. Image embed

ImageEmbed is a website that lets designers manage images online. You all surely are aware of the problem of using digital image content unfairly on various websites. ImageEmbed lets you manage your images from different websites through a single dashboard. Whether your images are on Facebook, Instagram or Flickr, ImageEmbed supports them all. Besides it is a wonderful image sharing website. Flash-free view of images is really cool. Other people can favorite your images, follow your activities and leave comments on your photos as well.


3. Errplane 

Web development is all about creating web service/web app without errors, delays or downtime. Errplane is a cool tool that enables you to view all the vital metrics of your app from single dashboard. You can easily set up monitoring conditions that will alert you each time an event happens or something changes.


4. 4Sync

4Sync is as the name indicates is the tool for easy and fast syncing of files. Designers and developers have the immense data of files and 4Sync lets them sync and access important files from anywhere be it at work, at home or on the go. Easily sync your files on all your devices and you get 15 GB of web storage free.


 5. Click

Sometimes designers/developers are provided with the DVDs to give the idea as to what’s expected of the designer for a particular project and it becomes essential to take screenshots as its not feasible to watch the DVD time and again.

Developed with the aim to help you make screenshots of the entire display while watching a DVD movie or something like that, Click is one useful tool for designers and developers. It helps take a screenshot manually by pressing Option-Command keys or choose automatic operation where a screenshot is taken periodically.


6. Jolidrive

Created in 2009 by Tariq Krim and Romain Huet Jolidrive is cloud with the most simple and elegant user interface. access your online data from various devices like computers mobile an likewise.  Jolidrive unifies all your content from multiple services in one simple and beautiful interface accessible from anywhere. Sounds cool huh!


7. Qrius

Qrius is yet another alternative to Google Reader. It is RSS syndication service for the visitors of your website. Putting the Qrius button on their pages will enable readers to get feeds.


8. NoteLedge Free for Android 

NoteLedge is an app designed with the aim to help designers and developers jot down everyday events and thoughts. Firstly, the app was available for just OS now its finally on Android and is compatible with devices using version 3.0 and above.


9. OX for Chrome 

Many a times while concentrating on the current project you come across various websites that are useful but you genuinely don’t have time to read. Such websites can be bookmarked for future reference. Simply install the browser extension for the Google Chrome and bookmark the worth reading websites with ease. Designers need to concentrate hard while pursuing with projects so OX for Chrome will help them bookmark the useful websites which they can read and check out when free.


10. Feedspot

Remember Google Reader that enabled us to keep all the website in the form of feeds all at one place. With the decline of Google Reader people have started looking for smart options. For all you designers and developers who are on lookout for smart, fast, beautiful and simple substitute of Google Reader then Feedspot is your best bet. Enabling you to keep up with all your favorite websites in one place and find new good ones, Feedback has been getting immense response ever since its launch.


11.  CompileOnline 

Designed with aim to help developers compile and execute any of the programming language, CompileOnline is an amazing app that is worth downloading. Simply select the programming language, write it in the text editor provided and click the button to see your output. The best part is that ComplieOnline is neat, tidy and available for free.


12. Bazaart

Pinterest you all know is one cool website that has successfully made its mark in a very short span of time. It has quickly become a popular web service that lets people pin images and share them with others. Here is a cool tool that will enable designers make the collage of such images that they find interesting. No more Photoshop, scissors or glue is needed to make photo collages. With Bazaart you can discover beautiful collages and amaze people with your creative ways of making them. Well, it is 100% free.


13. MyndBook 

MyndBook is a free to use web tool that enables designers/developers create mind maps while brainstorming. Creating amazing designs asks for lots of brainstorming and listing them down is essential too. MyndBook  does the needful. Also, you can share your mind maps with others to get their opinion. You can then create a book with numerous pages on which you can add your mind maps making it a lot easier to extract the ideas and use them in your designing and developing projects.


Promising to help you keep track on more and more such useful tools and resources here we come to an end of this weeks’ list.


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