Useful Tools and Websites for Designers and Developers – October 2013

The month of October has ended and we at the TheDesignBlitz are here once again with the monthly list of useful tools and apps that are handy and readily available for designers and developers for making their tasks easier. The time that these tools and apps cut down is also appreciable because these fields viz designing and developing ask for lot of time devotion which leaves no room for time wastage.

Here is the list of 25 cool tools, apps and online portals that promise to enhance the productivity of designers and developers by being readily available. As the header reads, this is our monthly listicle. Take a look!

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Hope you have liked our previous month collection. Scroll down to check October list of best tools for designers and developers.

Useful Tools and Websites for Designers and Developers

1. Google Web Designer

Bring ideas to life across screens with Google Web Designer tool. Create engaging, interactive HTML5-based designs and motion graphics that can run on any device.


2. Designers and books : Online Book Fair

The Designers and Books Online Book Fair is an online portal that lets you browse and buy books related to design. Ranging from  design in general, digital media, fashion, graphic design, illustration, interior design, product and industrial design, there are innumerable books worth checking out.


3. Exactli

Exactli ia a cool online portal that provides visual collaboration for designers. It helps users visualize the needs of their team and clients without any fuss. It’s an easy-to-use and easy-to-integrate tool apt for designers . Users just need to upload their completed design in web-friendly format like pdf, jpg, or png. Thereby, inviting clients and team members to review the same.


4. Emoticode

EmotiCODE lets developers discover a whole new concept of source code, search on over 50.000 code snippets and much more.


5. Invoicera

Invoicera enables users to manage their invoices in, keep a record of their payments (received or sent)and everything related to invoicing. It features multi-language currency support, various payment gateways, ensures data safety and data security, and a time tracking system that makes it an ideal choice.


6. Hacker Retreat 

Hacker Retreat is a website that gives software professional a 3-month camp for becoming a better computer programmer. It makes you learn how to improve, expand your skills as coders and grow in your sphere.


7. Emmet

Emmet is a plugin for many popular text editors which greatly improves HTML and CSS workflow. Apt for web developers, Emmet lets them quickly write a bunch of code, wrap code with new tags, traverse and select important code parts and much more with ease.


8. Page2Images 

Page2Images is a tool that promises to give you a more accurate mobile emulator unlike lot many of them available. It does what t claims to and supports javascript and flash very well to let you see the result on mobile devices with ease.


9. Skala Preview

Skala Preview is a super easy to use application created for sending the designs to mobile devices. Suitable for designers, it lets designers making effort to create designs for iOS devices send transfer screenshots to the device easily and speedily.


10. NProgress.js

NProgress.js is a nanoscopic progress bar that features realistic trickle animations to convince users that something is happening which otherwise could leave them baffled if some progress is going on or not.


11. Pttrns

Pttrns is a website that comprises of inspirational stuff for designers. It ensures to keep designers who are designing mobile application inspired enough to come up with the best designs. There are more than 1000 UI mobile application designs that are sure to inspire designers a great deal.


12. Notegraphy

Notegraphy is a web and mobile application that rethinks the way you write and share text online through design.It helps you create beautifully formatted layouts in real-time.


13. Brevado

Brevado promises to help users create stupendous timelines of their projects, show progress, comment, notify them, sharing images, and documents with ease. Also, with Brevado designers can handle their team with ease as it comes loaded with cool features that help them to do the same without any fuss.


14. annyang

Annyang is a Voice Command library for adding voice interaction to the websites thereby extending the accessibility and making the overall experience worth it.


15. Oogwave

Ooogwave is a smarter way to share and work with your co-workers and customers as it helps you share ideas and knowledge, coordinate tasks and projects, communicate and have conversations within and across multiple cross borders teams and much more.


16. Forge

Forge is is a tool created for hosting the static websites. It lets users zip-and-deploy. It is recently introduced by the British software studio and is an ultimate platform for hosting  websites.


17. TypeWonder

TypeWonder is a tool that lets you view any website fonts other than the original one thereby making the whole experience good. You just have to enter the URL of the website and choose the font yo desire and leave the rest for TypeWonder to do. If you are into designing and wish to check which font suits a particular website then TypeWonder can prove to be very helpful tool.


18. Howmuchtomakeanapp

As the name clearly says, its an app that lets you estimate the cost of an app that you develop.

19. Drag-And-Drop Collaborative App

Lucidpress is a website that has recently launched a new publishing tool and named it ‘Drag-And-Drop’ collaborative app. It is created with the clear aim to help designers come up with amazing designs and collaborate the same with rest without any fuss.

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20. Groc

Groc is a tool originally created by a renowned developer named Ian MacLeod. Members of the Gilt engineering team came on the board and got involved with the project, adding new features. It is an automated front-end documentation generator that helps in generating documentation from the source code, handling high-level hierarchies of source codes and much more.

21. Solo

Solo is a tool that helps users create contacts, manage tasks, upload various files, keep a track record of their project progress and much more in the simplest way possible.

22. LucidPress

LucidPress is an online portal, a layout app that lets users create beautiful print and digital documents.It lets users create stunning documents in short span of time. Make flyers, brochures, newsletters, magazines, and photo books speedily and with ease with LucidPress.

23. Start Bootstrap

With Start Bootstrap users can easily look for free HTML starter templates for Bootstrap and get started. Bootstrap HTML starter themes are available for free to download and use.

24. FlatIcon

FlatIcon is made available for users to download vectors directly in their Photoshop as it comes loaded with over 10,000 vectors from which users can download as per the need of the hour.

25. Mac Text Editor Mou

Markdown by John Gruber is the missing Markdown editor for web developers. It enables users to format text easily that too without using complicated HTML or traditional menu bar tools which make the task complicated.


This is the end of the month of October. We hope this list of cool tools and apps prove out to be useful. Its a collaboration of weekly list of tools and apps which we prepare in the quest to make sure you do’t miss out any useful stuff worth checking out. Do let us know of any tool, app or online portal you think is worth sharing.


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