Using Instagram Creatively to Promote Products

If you are a businessman, then you must be aware of the amount of power social media gives you while promoting a product. You may have a lot of followers and critics who are waiting for the release of your newest product. In case you are using Instagram you are likely to have quite a number of followers but always remember that you should try and keep that number pumped up to the highest. This can be done if you know how to use your company’s Instagram account creatively for promotional purposes.

In this article, you will find certain tips and tricks which will help you to promote your business in a more creative and productive manner which may increase the number of your clients and potential customers to a greater level than what it currently is.

Using Instagram Creatively to Promote Products

Capture details and coordinate the color

Detailed photographs have always attracted the attention of viewers. Whether it is jewelry or shoes or clothes or any other item you are selling, always try to have some close-up snaps of your products.

If you constantly go on posting straight pictures with product descriptions, then chances are that your views or followers might simply choose to ignore them taking it to be just another advertising post. Do something to grab their attention! Give a photograph with exclusive details and let your followers want to know more. Let them get more attracted to your product pictures!

You may also use various coordination and visual effects of your coloring in the photographs to create a more sophisticated and elegant look. This will enable you to promote the aesthetic tastes of your company and create a brand value.

No compromise on quality

Never compromise on the quality of your pictures whenever you are going to post them on Instagram. Remember that your potential customers are going to view them and the quality of your product image is likely to give them an impression regarding your brand or company. So take care of the fact that your pictures should be of the top quality and should look professional.

You may adjust the settings in Photoshop. You can resize and reshape to suit your purpose. Normally, square photographs are preferred. In fact, Instagram automatically makes your pictures square so take note of it while editing your images or perhaps the best part of it may get cropped while posting.

Make sure your product pictures remain crisp and sharp even under heavy edits. No haziness, blurriness, cracking of pixels, is allowed when you are posting a picture for promotional purposes.

Use Instagram filters wisely

Instagram itself provides you with a number of photo editing filters. You may use them to bring out your products’appearance even more appealing to your followers. Different filters may arouse different feelings and moods among the viewers.

However, don’t just use the filters blindly just for the sake of using it. You’ll have to see for yourself which filter suits your product the most. Check whether the filter you have applied highlights the important parts as well. For example, if you are promoting handbags, then make sure that the color, design, and stitches get highlighted through your filters.

In fact, try to keep your pictures brighter as they tend to attract more followers.

Instagram can be used in a very creative manner if you set your mind to it. The points mentioned above were simply ideas. Now it’s up to you to use them wisely to create unique designs that will increase the level of your promotion. Proper promoting might even give you a brand value by the amount of sophistry you project through your product pictures.  So go ahead and increase your sales!

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