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Web Design Boards to Follow on Pinterest

If you are a web designer, you must already be there on pin interest and if you are aspiring one then it is necessary for you. It does not matter who you are, you like design books, you are typography nut or you simply want to archive some great designs and want to get inspired by some out of the box designs, you have to use Pinterest. It helps you to link with like-minded people and people share their boards and pinned items. For those who are not clear what a Pinterest board is, let me tell you that.

A Pinterest board is a catalogue for images that is created by its users. Most of them are public and I found it a great way of learning and sharing what you know. You do inspire and get inspired here. However, finding some good designs that can inspire you to create wonders is a tedious job and so I thought to share my list of web design boards to follow on Pinterest after pure hard work.


  • When you are web designer, for you fonts are important and the creativity that you can put in is amazing using these fabulous fonts. One of my favourite free one is from Veronica who is a blogger. You get plenty of free fonts that can be used for multiple purpose. You can download these unique fonts free and use them in your designs.

  • The one from Brandon Lesley Graphic Design and Typography is a fantastic bunch with more than 10,000 pins and 14 boards. All you get here is beautiful artwork and illustrations that you must be looking for. Brandon is a creative director, designer, and photographer.

  • Another creative director, Danny Blanton brings you a fantastic board Typography. It has more than 4000 pins. It has a wide range of logos, skateboards, and signage to illustrations, typefaces, and hand-drawn lettering. All designs are so good that you will feel inspired immediately you see them.

  • When it comes to packaging design, we always look for something new and engaging.  One example of this is “The cool hunter”. It has trendiest, most modern examples of everything from design to food. There is a plethora of categories, from which you can select as per your preferences. Design, travel, kids, fashion, travel, and so on.

  • One by Kristina Miletieva for packaging design is simply great. She alone has more than 150,000 followers. She gets several boards and you get here inventive package designs, primarily in the food and drink sector. One of my favourite is Inspiration.

  • Next one is the one who has 600,000 followers including celebrity like Oprah Winfrey. I am talking about Chad Syme who is an art director with superb taste in designs and technology. Art, style, furniture, fashion, or architecture, you name it and his board Graphic design will have something for you as per your taste.

  • Well this one is popular and there are chances that you know about it. I am talking about Masahble. I am quite impressed by this one of the largest and independent website. It is fantastic platform for news, information, and resources. Superb infographics will take your heart away. It smartly connects all people of common interests. If you are a tech-savvy then it is the place for you. It has to be pinned and you must follow this for the best infographics around.

Online technology is vast and still evolving, therefore it becomes necessary to select and spend your valuable time on few of those that are relevant. This article is trying to help you in that. Pinterest is itself a vast sea and picking up gems is quite a task. Pinterest offers a myriad of practical functions, especially for designers like you. I understand its clear and stylish layout lends itself well to image arrangement. It actually makes it easy for the creative mind to browse thoughts and ideas and save them for future reference.

I am sure you have plenty of ideas with you but to give them a complete shape, you may need some inspiration, and the fantastic web design boards that you should follow on Pinterest provide this inspiration. Of course, there are many more that you might already be following but I would advise to try above-mentioned list and you will be amazed by the art. Best of luck, Keep working, keep shining!


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