Web Design Conferences you Should Attend in 2014

Now this one is one of the topics that sounds quite interesting! Designing is one field in which you can’t isolate yourself and without communicating with people in your fields and others you can’t expect yourself to be updated with what’s in and what out.

We have been talking about the latest design trends to be followed, tips to boost your creativity and lot of other helpful tips to become a successful designer. The time period for which you have been in this field doesn’t matter. Not just newbies infact every designer should be keen enough to know what’s the latest thing in the design world and learn from fellow designers. ‘I know it all’ mindset never works in the field of designing!

Our topic of the day is somewhat related to the article How And What to Learn from your Fellow Designers or you can say this article will help us know how one can take a step further in learning from other professional designers out there. There is always someone to look upon and conferences provide you the platform to meet the professional designers face to face and know them!

There’s no place better than a web design conference to elevate your creativity. If you are new in the design world you might be wondering as to what are web design conferences? A web design conference is where professional designers from all over the globe meet, give lectures to help you boost your creative skills. Here designers can meet like-minded fellow professionals and  learn a lot which will help breathe life into their career and future plans.

Wish to know about the upcoming 2014 web design conferences? Here, we have listed down 2014 best web design conferences, you might be interested in. Check these out and once you have decided which conference(s) you would be attending, plan your traveling schedules, book your reservations and to meet creative design professionals face to face.


2014 Best Web Design Conferences you should Attend

1. DevNexus 2014

Date: Februaury 24-25, 2014

Place : Atlanta, USA

Discover how the professional web developers’s best minds use the latest technologies to build solutions to the problems and much more in Atlanta’s most exciting conference for professional software developers.


2. ConFoo

Date : February 24-28, 2014

Place : Canada Montreal

ConFoo is a non for profit, multi-technology conference that will give you an insight into friendly learning experience, spanning different programming languages such as Ruby on Rails, jQuery, Java, Asp.Net, and much more.


3. Usability Week San Diego

Date : February 24-27, 2014

Place :  San Diego, USA

This is NN/g’s Usability Week that will help you to learn how to speed on user experience best practices for creating successful interfaces.


4. Mobile World Congress 2014

Date : February 24-27, 2014

Place : Barcelona, Spain

Mobile World Capital Barcelona will host the world’s greatest mobile event. At the conference and award winning exhibition you will witness the next innovation n the mobile world.


5. Reasons:London

Date : February, 2014

Place : London, UK

Reasons:London is an affordable single dayer with an awesome line-up of speakers. It will start after lunch on Friday 28th Feb.


6. jQuery Europe 2014

Date: February 28 – March 1, 2014

Place : Vienna, Austria

Be part and learn at this unique event to experience the 1st jQuery conference in the heart of Europe. Its a two days of conference with awesome sessions along with one additional day of jQuery training and lots of opportunities to meet and greet with developers from all Europe.


7. 2014

Date : March 1, 2014

Place : Linz, Austria is a developer conference from Europe. It brings people from various programming disciplines under the same roof to create the ideal environment for sharing knowledge.


8. Intro to Ember

Date : March 3-5, 2014

Place : SW Portland, USA

This course will help you build a full-fledged Ember application in super easy way. It will help you smoothly progress throughout the course and provide you with the tools you will need to write tests for your own applications.


9. Wearables DevCon

Date : March 5-7, 2014

Place : San Francisco, USA

At Wearable Devcon you will learn how to develop for the coolest gadgets and next generation of computing devices such as Google Glass, FitBit, Pebble, the SmartWatch 2, Jawbone, and the Galaxy Gear SmartWatch.


10. QCon London 2014

Date : March 5-7, 2014

Place : London, UK

QCon London 2014 will highlight the most important development topics driving innovation. QCon empowers software development by facilitating the spread of knowledge and innovation in the developer community.


11. UX Hong Kong 2014

Date : March 6-8, 2014

Place : Hong Kong, China

User Experience Hong Kong (UXHK) event will let all you designers enhance their productive skills by bringing all product and service design disciplines together from research, marketing, design, technology and the business to name a few.


12. Mdevcon 2014

Date : March 7-8, 2014

Place : Amsterdam, Netherlands

Its the conference by mobile developers for mobile developers. Its a two days conference with multiple tracks designed in a way that whether you’re an android, iOS or other mobile platform developer you will get to learn a lot.


13. India Technology Tour March 2014

Date : March 8-20, 2014

Place : India (Mumbai, Bengaluru, Agra, Delhi)

Zenith Society is a private global fellowship of superbly inspiring, successful and young business leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, executives, thought leaders, innovators, political leaders, industry experts and celebrities that come together to travel, learn and network. Participate in high-impact business travel opportunities and build your network of influencers that ensures to help you take your passions to the next level.


14. O’Reilly Fluent

Date : March 11-13, 2014

Place : San Francisco, USA

The O’Reilly Fluent Conference focuses mainly on developers working with JavaScript, HTML5 and other web technologies. It will give you the full scope of the Web Platform and its associated technologies including WebGL, CSS3, mobile APIs, Node.js, AngularJS, ECMAScript 6, and much more.


15. Smashing Conference

Date : March 18-19, 2014

Place : Oxford

Who doesn’t know about Smashing Magazine and the Conference it holds every year. SmashingConf Oxford 2014 will let you explore real-life projects, workflows and hands-on insights. Also, there will be lot of surprises. So, what’s the wait for, book your tickets now.


16. Microsoft Build

Date : April 2nd-4th, 2014

Place : San Francisco

Learn from the experts and interact with your peers at the Microsoft Build Conference which will let you enhance your skills.


17. WebVisions NYC

Date : April 3-4, 2014

Place : NYIT Auditorium, Broadway, New York

WebVisions explores the future of design, content creation, user experience and business strategy to inspire learning, collaboration and entrepreneurism.


18. Future of Web Design

Date : April 7-09, 2014

Place : London

Get inspired by the experiences and success of the speakers and your fellow attendees at one of the most inspiring event.  Its the 8th annual fowd three days of cutting edge learning and inspiration. Grab the tickets and be the part of it.


19. UX Immersion Mobile

Date : April 7-09, 2014

Place : Denver Marriott City Center, Denver

UX Immersion Mobile will let you all know what it takes to create the kinds of seamless mobile experiences.


20. WebExpo

Date : April 11-12, 2014

Place : Prague

It is an interactive design conference that will focus on sharing best web creation practices to help creators build better web applications effectively and with a joy. Don’t miss any WebExpo Prague event. Its actually worth it!


21. MinneWebCon

Date : April 14-15, 2014

Place : Minneapolis

MinneWebCon lets people get together to solve problems and make things easier. You might hear from people who are working in your field or are in a position you consider light-years from the everyday.  At this conference attendees and speakers from all backgrounds, career paths, and work environments have a space to collaborate, talk, learn, ask, test, argue, create and grow.


22. The Next Web Europe

Date : April 24-25, 2014

Place : Amsterdam

The Next Web Europe is a place where you can meet the influencers of technology and innovation. The world’s smartest minds will come to share their vision on technology and its impact on business and culture.


23. ConvergeSE

Date : May 1-03, 2014

Place : Columbia

ConvergeSE is a conference for everyone working with technology in creative ways. It will give you the chance to learn from experts, be entertained and inspired.


24. Artifact

Date : May 5-07, 2014

Place : Austin

ARTIFACT is an intimate two-day, single-track conference that will help designers and developers adapt their tools and processes to the challenges of designing for a multi-device world.


25. International PHP Conference

Date : June 01-04, 2014

Place : Berlin

Its a globally recognized event for PHP developers, web workers, IT managers and other people who are interested in web-technology. It will explore key topics and core technologies for developers and decision makers.


26. Generate New York

Date : June 20, 2014

Place : New York

Generate New York is the conference for web designers and developers presented by net magazine and creative bloq. It promises to be a great source of inspiration, education and networking opportunities and will be packed with more top content from world-class speakers.

2014-web-design-conferences27. O’Reilly Velocity

Date : June 24-26, 2014

Place : Santa Clara

From books to newsletters, industry reports, in-person and online events, its a training event and source of information for web professionals from various companies.

2014-web-design-conferences28. SmartWeb

Date : September 23-24, 2014

Place : Bucharest

Its a conference for east-european web designers and developers. More details will be announced soon.


29. Adobe MAX

Date : October 04-08, 2014

Place : Los Angeles

Adobe Max is a creativity conference which will let you connect with over 5,000 of the most creative minds in the world.


30. Fronteers

Date : October 9-10, 2014

Place : Amsterdam

Fronteers Conference is one of Europe’s largest conferences on front-end web development organized in Amsterdam.


31. CSS Dev Conference

Date : October 13-15, 2014

Place : New Orleans

CSS Dev Conference will let you all attain the impressive amount of knowledge against the background of the French Quarter. Its a conference devoted to CSS which is the design language of the web.


32. HighEdWeb

Date : October 19-22, 2014

Place : Portland

HighEdWeb is the annual conference of the Higher Education Web Professionals Association that is created by and for all higher education Web professionals from programmers to marketers to designers and others.


If you wish to know more about any of the above listed 2014 web design conferences click on the links or images given by which you will reach the homepage of the event. Anyways, that’s all for now and in the end I would like to ask you as to which event(s) are you planning to be the part of? If you are attending any of the above listed event do let us know about it. We would love to hear your say.


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