Best Website Design Tips for Apartment Communities

If you’re designing a website for an apartment community, it can be a make-or-break moment for your business. A website is a window that your entire clientele—even the entire country—can look into to find out if it’s a place they would consider living. We want to make sure that this incredible tool is sending the right message to potential residents, not scaring them off. Let’s take a look at a few ways to build an apartment website and bring in great residents.

Website design tips

1. It Must be Mobile Accessible

In today’s day and age, it should be a given that most of your residents are going to be checking out apartments and searching for a new living space using their cell phone. Don’t let an antique design with clunky graphics get in their way, or they’ll be looking for a different website as quickly as they can tap the X.

To make sure mobile users can navigate your website, integrate a sleek design that keeps things simple. Images shouldn’t be scattered loosely across your website. There should be a gallery section where images are grouped together on a fast-loading page.

2. Make them Feel like They’re Taking a Tour

If you can use informative floor plans and captivating imagery, you can persuade potential resident from out of town to make your apartment their first choice. If you include unit dimensions, images, and detailed floor-plans, you’re much more likely to garner interest. Better yet, integrate a 3D floor plan or tour so that clients can really imagine themselves in your space.

3. Imagery is Key

Your main goal is to get your future residents to pick up the phone and call you or start crafting an e-mail requesting a tour. You can help influence that decision by providing them with clear, well-organized imagery.

The best way to do this is by organizing images into a slider for both apartment and community amenities. Also, make sure your images are high quality. You want potential residents to see crisp, elegant images of your apartment’s upscale soaring ceilings and stylish hardwood floors so that they can’t wait to schedule a tour.

4. Create Trust

If this is the first time an apartment seeker is seeing your brand, they may question your trustworthiness. Don’t give them a reason to become skeptical and click off your page. For instance, make sure that if you’re advertising individual luxury apartments, it is the actual apartment, not an example or a model.

It isn’t the first rodeo for many potential residents, so they’ve surely been duped by example photos that don’t reflect the actual condition of the apartment. Even if you aren’t trying to hide anything, transparency is key in gaining trust and bringing in residents.


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