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Webydo, the cloud-based professional web design platform, which has made quite an impact in its first year is launching a new set of pricing plans this week. The new tiered plans make provision for multiple sites with a single fee, multiple users on a single account and introduce new training and business development feautres. We caught up with the company to find out what was behind the changes and what the main differences are between the old and the new.

Web Design Freedom

Q: Why are you changing the pricing schemes?

A: Our community of designers requested and followed their requests. We’re here to provide a service to the design community and through the feedback systems on the platform it became clear that the old pricing options were not meeting the needs of our community. The new Professional plans are focused on who are users are: Professional designers and agencies, Webydo is not a DIY website builder, it is an online design studio for professionals to too deliver world-class websites for their clients.

The old plans only had two tiers – Free and Premium – and this did not allow the designers using the service enough flexibility. Each site had to have its own plan and be paid for separately. This created additional admin for our users and distracted from our primary goal – facilitating great design. We want to create a platform that frees professional designers from distractions and allows them to create amazing sites with a minimum of additional effort.

Web Design Plans

Q: How do the new plans work?

A: There are three new plans available to users now depending on the scale of their business. The first is the Pro plan that allows designers to create 10 sites for $17 a month. The second is the Team option that allows small agencies to create 50 sites for $35 a month and the Agency plan that let larger agencies create 250 sites for $85 a month.We are also launching a special Academic plan that offers a 50% discount to users signing up with a college email address.

In addition there is an enterprise option for agencies with more than 100 sites on their books who can negotiate their plan with us directly. There is still a free option and the option to pay per month for a single site but there are now some additional limitations on these plans.

Personal Plans

Q: What are the key benefits of the new plans?

A: The most obvious benefit is that designers and agencies can start small and upgrade their plan as they grow. The Team and Agency options allow for multiple users as well as the ability to completely white-label the Webydo experience with a fully branded domain. The Agency plan also comes with a dedicated account manager who will augment the chat and email support options available to all our users.

Q:Have you made any changes to the hosting system?

A: All Webydo sites are still hosted on our servers which uses the Akamai content delivery network to ensure that all our hosted sites are responsive and have very little downtime. We have also simplified the Site Export functionality which will allow sites developed in Webydo to be hosted elsewhere, but exported sites won’t have access to Webydo’s CMS or get service updates. We have also introduced a $5 per domain per month charge (apart from the first domain) to cover the cost of hosting the sites as well as to keep the base cost of the plans as low as possible.


Q: What additional functionality have you added?

A: Apart from the ability to fully white label the Webydo interface for the two top plans, we are also offering training to our users. On the Pro option it is limited to 1 hour as the plan only caters for a single user, but on the Team and Agency options where there are multiple users catered for we offer unlimited training.

Another innovation is the ability to do site mockups which can then be sent to prospective clients.We understand that business development is a key part of any strategy and we want to ensure that we make it as easy as possible. The option to bill your client directly from Webydo is still there in the Team and Agency options it is not available in the Pro plan.

Web Design Professional

Q: What do these changes say about the growth of Webydo?

A: We are a community driven service and these changes have been made to cater for the needs of the more than 75K designers who are already using Webydo to create amazing sites. We believe that with the new plans we will be able to better help bigger clients and let design agencies move to our service that will let them create without many of the constraints that had hampered them in the past.

This article is proudly presented by Webydo’s community of professional designers.