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We have been talking a lot about flat design ever since Apple launched its iOS7 in which flat design was of prime focus. It wasn’t the first time when we got acquainted with flat design. It was long back since it came into existence but it got much hype with the release of iOS7.

Well, iOS7 is not the topic of the day, here we have picked up a sort of argument regarding the life of Flat design. After a lot of hype which it got with iOS7 people started talking about it being the future design trend infact we too mentioned about it being the design trend to be followed in the current year in our article Best Web Design Trends you Should Follow in 2014.

Now a days many major companies are opting for flat design which is the in thing and is sweeping all over the web but how long will this trend last. What I am trying to say here is undoubtedly flat design has attracted and inspired the designers or it has proved to be failure or something like that.

It undeniably has lot many good aspects like calming and friendly aesthetic, simple interface, positive wire-framing effect for users to know what is important and worth clicking and checking out.

Despite the fact that it has appealed lot many users, it has other side too. There is a possibility it might die a slow death for miscellaneous good reasons. Here, I have listed down few reasons that will contribute in making the flat design die.


Why Flat Design Will Die Soon

1. Its a Trendy Thing

Now you all might be wondering as to how being trendy gets flat design a thumbs down. Its trendy means you never know how long a trend will last. We are witnessing some changes already like people are liking almost flat designs, flat designs with long shadows and likewise instead of simple flat designs. Flat design is trend of the day and might give you good response but then it might not have long shelf life as they say.


2. Little too Simple

Being simple is the golden rule but being too simple can sometimes make the whole effort go down the drain. Incase of flat design, it becomes difficult to convey a complicated visual message. Besides, its simple user-interface tools too contribute in getting it a thumbs down.

To be a successful user-interface, adding a sense of realism in tools add to the user-friendliness which is of prime importance. Too much simplicity in interface design has not attracted manny users towards flat design.


3. Color Palettes Issue

Sometimes more is merrier but at times and in some cases like flat design, it might not be true instead it might become a hinderance as more options you have more likely you will be confused. In case of color palettes, more the choices you have tougher it gets to match them properly.

If you have many options available, it will get difficult to create a harmonious color palette. Keeping it simple and sticking to a uniform look in terms of saturation and brightness is the simple rule which will help you get the desired results.


4. Lack of any decoration

We agree to the fact that odd animations, use of shadows and other decorative stuff is not the in thing. Flat design has no such decorations at all but then bit of it could get it a thumbs up. Flat design has limited in decorative factor which makes it look totally flat and that definitely is not a positive factor.


5. Usability Factor

Flat design is not for all. I mean there are lot many people who are not comfortable with the style of interface and at times keep wondering as to what and where to click/tap. Flat design can possibly hinder usability for the fact that users might get confused as to what is clickable and what’s not. Besides, it comprises of less information density which is essential for keeping it simple.


6. Typography Factor

If flat design claims of focusing on good typography, it is certain to make the bad typography stand out as well. Thin primary interface is one example which added to the downside of iOS 7. Good typography in flat design is a pro on one hand and con on the other hand. Some users are not comfortable pairing various fonts and flat design has definitely not appealed them.


To sum up, all I would say is timeless design is hard to come by in the web world. Allow me to leave the concluding part open ended. It is up to you to decide if you all agree with the points I have mentioned above and decide if you genuinely agree on this and yes, don’t forget to share your viewpoint with us by dropping in your valuable comments.