Why you should not Marry a Web Designer

Designers today are ruling the world of technology. Look around and you will find them every where. They have given us lot many things from websites to apps, things we use in day to day life and the credit of making the world of technology go around goes to the designers.

Let me ask all you girls one question; bit personal! If given a chance would you like to marry a web designer? Actually as the header reads we are here going to shed some light on the personal aspects of these professional web designers. There are some girls who would love getting married to designers while on the other hand there are many who would say no for miscellaneous good reasons of their own. Its entirely an individual choice when it come to getting married.

Wondering why we have come up with this article out of the blue? Well, its always good to shed light on different aspects. Here, we have come up with a light hearted-writeup that would make you smile for a while.

You all know ‘Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus’. Both genders are different from each other not only biologically, but then psychologically, emotionally, mentally, professionally, responsibly and the list goes on. When it comes to personal and professional aspects of getting married to a designer there are lot many pros and cons.


Undeniably, designers are smart and keep optimizing user experiences in their lives. Today, designers are not just artists infact almost all of them are tech-savvy and bright. They like solving problems so they are certain to fix pipes for you or can be best addressed as Mr. Fix-it. This however doesn’t mean I am favouring getting married to a web designer.  Here, I would be shedding some light on reasons why not to get married to a designer.

1. They are somewhat weird

Ask any girl she would want a simple guy who is not weird when it comes to dressing up, choice of movies, books or anything but designers are so much engaged in their projects that they make weird choices.


2. They will analyse conversations in layers

Whether you are talking about your personal or professional life, they will behave like Mr fix-it and analyze the conversation in layers as they are so used to working in different layers. They analyze everything that too in layers.  They can pin point anything like layers popping up.


3. They see designs everywhere

While you are discussing something you feel is really important, he will be looking at you as if he is listening to you very carefully but there is a great possibility that he is studying the pattern on your clothes. They tend to study the paisley pattern on your outfit than listen to what you have to say.


4. Your house will be full of magazines and anything related to designing

If you are thinking you will have one corner in your house where you will place all the old newspapers, magazines and other reading materials then you got to be ready for selling them often as designers love to check out any and everything related to drawing and designing. In fact, most of them go for yearly subscription of different reading stuff. So, you can expect to see oodles of things related to design everywhere in your house.


 5. They ask your opinion about everything but in the end do whatever they want to

Its so infuriating when somebody asks for your opinion as if it matters a lot to them and then they go for doing whatever they want. What if your husband does it with you? I can well understand what it feels like when your husband seeks your opinion and in the end you witness doing them the way they want to.


6. Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines

Ask the workaholics to do something or join you for shopping or anything, the answer you would get is ‘I am busy’, ‘I have to complete this project’, ‘I don’t want to miss the deadline’ and the list goes on.  Don’t get shocked if  you wake up in the middle of the night hearing him screaming ‘What’s is the deadline?’ Deadlines to them are exactly like bungee jumping  to adrenalin junkies.


7. They spend a lot on online stuff

Designers are always ready to shell out money for buying different fonts or anything online and if you ask them for the birthday, anniversary or gift for any such important occasion they will come up with innumerable excuses. They rather pay for a font than for a special birthday gift.


8. They are always sleepy

Designers’ job is such that they have to spend a good amount of time in front of their systems. Other than this they are seen sleeping. If you expect them to go out with you for anything like buying a grocery or any important task, you will be disappointed. No wonder when one works 24/7, he/she will always be sleepy.


9. They love commenting on the menu design when going to a restaurant

The most bugging part is when you expect them to check out the menu when you go to some restaurant and place the order they will be seen checking out the menu design. Imagine you are waiting for him to place an order and he starts talking about the menu card design. I can well imagine what would be your reaction at that point.


As you can see, there are many reasons why you should not marry a designer and the list of such reasons doesn’t end here; a lot of other reasons could be added to the list but for now I stop the list. Tell me what all reasons you think I have missed out.

Well, I leave the concluding part open ended as its an individual choice. These are the general reasons for not marrying a designer. Each designer has their own personality type.  The important thing is to be true and honorable. If somehow you choose a designer to be your man and he loves you unconditionally then don’t think much about the above listed things and marry him!

P.S : We however don’t intend to hurt anyone’s feelings, this topic is chosen for a simple reason to make our readers smile for a while as they check out some reasons for not marrying a designer.

Jotted down in simple humorous way, this article talks about the characteristics of designers which they unintentionally tend to acquire with time as they move on in their designing field. Hope you loved it!


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