Worst Designed Websites of Year 2013

Design is first and the foremost thing that needs to be kept in mind while opening up a website. User-friendliness is one thing that should be the point of focus. If the design of your website is not user-friendly no matter how good your content is it will not be able to generate the interest of the user.

Undoubtedly, we all are well aware of the fact that design play the vital role in success or failure of any website. The first thing that engages a user and keeps his interest to check out the content and visit any website time and again is visual treat. If the design is not user-friendly and user feels lost there is a great probability that the visitor won’t want to open up that website again.

At times, in the process of making our designs unique one forgets the target audience and the whole effort goes down the drain. No matter how much effort and time you put in, if the design of your website is not made keeping in mind the target audience the user is sure to dislike it. ‘Keep it Simple’ philosophy always works, there is no need to make a complicated design.

Now, the question arises how would you recognize which website is good? Besides, few things like keeping it user-friendly, making it simple, and easy to understand there is one other thing that can be done. Simply compare it with ugly design! To help you differentiate we have come up with the article in which we have compiled few badly designed websites. So, without further delay let me list down the worst designed websites of the year 2013. Take a look!


Worst Designed Websites of Year 2013

1. Mr. Bottles

This website gets the tag of being worst designed website for the reason that its colors and graphics clash a big deal, users find it difficult to read and navigate. Besides, when you open the link out of the blue you start hearing the voice of a man who seems to be standing I don’t know where and why.


2. Create What Matters Most

This website is not what you call sucking but somewhat annoying for the users that will get lost in between. Personally, I am okay with it but at times, eve I got lost. Majority of the users are anticipated to find the time consuming job that it might prove to be so, I have included it in the list. It lacks the ease which a user desires to find what the website and content is all about.


3. Constellation Seven

Sorry to say the sound effect is bit scary. When I opened up the website a sound started coming which was definitely not that pleasing. The awful color combinations and patterns that make reading the content contribute too to make this website get a thumbs down.


4. Jamil Lin Blog

Ironically, this is a website dedicated to Feng Shui. The base color doesn’t gel well with the other bright colors thereby making it quite distracting and difficult to navigate.


5. Wisconsin Register of Deeds Association

Sunday Morning is the website of a Ceramics Workshop in the Netherlands. As you all can see, it is JavaScript with bizarre links and sub-menus. When you click on a link, things start moving in haphazard manner which make it difficult to understand the content.


6. Arngren

No words are needed to tell why this website is the part of this list of worst designed websites. Open it and you will come to know.


7. Reforms

The designers have tried to use flash to create I don’t know what. You open up the website and you start wondering what its all about. At the first instance you don’t come to know what’s going on. There is no navigation, and when you click on the small links at the bottom of the page you will land to various mysterious pages. No more words, check it out and you will understand what I have been trying to say in the above written lines.


8. Lings’s Cars

When I opened up the website before I could focus on the negative aspects, the first expression was a smile. Imagine what and why is there a singer? What is that cock doing, taking a stroll or what? This is one of the worst designed websites that will bring a smile on user’s face before finally closing it.


9. MIT Center for Advanced Visual Studies

The most annoying thing is content layers over text and the animated Gifs that are actually not fun instead weird. Scroll down and you will see a multi-colored square and you will see the images popping up and hiding the text (not all instead words in between). Neither you will be able to read the text not focus on images. Open up the link and check it out yourself.


10. Comcast Sucks

This web page comprises of sound file that asks users to download a plugin that i bit irritating, excessive length, multi-sized font, multi-colored and even scrolls all together contribute in making it the worst designed website.


11. Biology Junction

Weird colors, gifs can bring a smile on any kid’s face but then asked for a review on designing part, it will definitely be part of the list of worst designed websites. Moreover, when you click a link and you start to download a document.


12. The Worlds Worst Website Ever

The Worst Website Design ever is our last entrant. Though this was made intentionally as a bad web design this one proves to be the worst website with animated gifs, animated marquees, and no real user-experience.


PS: This article of mine is not at all written with the intention to hurt anybody’s feelings or questioning their skills. Its just a simple writeup in which we have jotted down the worst designed websites of year 2013 which we think have not been designed in a user-friendly manner and upto the mark.


  • I have a very hard time believing that #9 is from any recent year – or from the real MIT. if you click over to, you’ll see that MIT has plenty of what it takes to do things right.

    What I suspect you have in the #9 slot is an old table-based layout with some inline styling, and what CSS it had originally is lost. Either that, or someone is trying to trick you and your readers.

  • I used to remember having a dial-up modem and sites like this were dime a dozen. Well these sites are not designed by professionals. Still funny to look at.

  • […] Balance design with usability and try to keep a fresh perspective when making changes to your site during the design process. Even as a professional I look to sites like wordpress, pinterest, and css mania to gain inspiration and see what works and what doesn’t, so don’t shy away from educating yourself on good website design based on what’s already out there. And for a little comedic relief – it’s often helpful to understand website “DON’Ts” in order to discover website “DO’s” – like these entertaining website disasters. […]

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