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Halloween is not only a fun holiday but an excellent opportunity to celebrate the ancient American tradition and visit neighbors and relatives. It is also a cool chance to advertise and attract an audience. Such places as shopping and entertainment malls and night clubs desperately need this type of PR. But how to create an effective PR-strategy to attract as many people as possible to your ‘All Saints’ party? Flyers are one of the best options for both new and well-known places.

It is better to distribute such leaflets in the city squares, in crowded places, at the shopping center’s ticket offices, and at your own events. But please remember that the effectiveness of a leaflet depends more on the content and design than on quantity.

5 Secrets Of a Good Flyer

A responsible and professional approach is necessary to achieve high results. There are five rules you should follow to create a successful advertisement.

  • A correct PR plan. First, it is essential to define what result you would like to achieve with this advertising campaign. For example, let’s say your goal is to invite 200 people to a night club.
  • Finding your target audience. It is important to understand who this event will be interesting for. If your audience is youth, your ad must be modern and trendy. This way, you will be able to get attention, and your flyer will not end up in the nearest trash can. It is also essential to set a clear goal for your promoters who will directly communicate with people on the spot. When a leaflet appears in the hands of an interested person, the likelihood of a positive result increases.
  • The right location and time. It is best to invite guests to your party in crowded places during peak hours. You can choose subway and train stations, large shopping malls, squares, touristic places. However, keep in mind that it is better to hand out your flyers near the place where you invite visitors.’
  • Professional promoters. Sometimes people underestimate the importance of this point, hiring people without experience, students, or even pupils to such work. But it is important to remember that success depends on the professionalism and expertise of the promoters. It is also important how they greet people. So, do not try to save your time and money so that your work is not useless. 
  • Attractive flyer design. This is the last point; however, this does not mean that you should neglect it, since 80% of success depends on the design of the flyer and its information. Particular flyers require individual designs, so we can’t provide you with a universal option. Different elements work for different cases. We will discuss them further.

Halloween Flyer Structure

First, you should realize that this type of advertising may not be as affordable as it seems. You will have to invest some money in nice flyers and good promoters. It is not cheap, but more affordable than other types of outdoor advertising. In order for the flyer to be effective, you should follow the modern design requirements.

Nice image

The primary purpose of the leaflet is to attract attention. Therefore, a picture is a must-have for any similar product. Just find suitable images of the common attributes of this holiday, such as spider web, spiders, bats, pumpkins, and more. The black, orange, red, white colors are also symbols of Halloween.

Catchy headline

A small phrase (up to 8 words) should make a person get curious. Come up with something creative, get inspired by the ideas of your colleagues. The design is as important as the content, so the font should be clear and readable. It is better to combine it with a picture, but do not overdo it with colors so that the text does not fade into the image.

What? Where? When?

Your flyer must contain this information — exact time, place, and address. If the city is large, it is recommended to place a small map on the backside, indicating nearby significant known locations. This will help people who have never been at your events before to find a club and not get lost.

Discounts, rewards, gifts and other methods of attraction

Such techniques are useful in attracting a new audience. Promise your guests a cocktail, bar discount, or free entry if they show a flyer at the entrance. Highlight the information so that it is catchy and attracts attention.

In this article, you will find the Halloween flyer templates that look really impressive. You can choose something for yourself or just get inspiration and ideas for implementation. Almost all of them are free and are easy to search, so there will be no difficulties.

Halloween flyer templates:

1. Vintage Halloween Party Template – Queen of Spades

It is a cute flyer for a holiday in vintage style. It has images of bloodstains, a witch or a queen of spades, pumpkins, black crows, and candles. In general, the vintage look is something that will never go out of style. It will always be relevant for promotional products for All Saints’ Day. This template has bold cursive fonts in black with a white shadow, images of the Queen of Spades, red (stylized as bloodstains) markers with the date, time. In general, it looks pretty impressive and creepy – just what you need for Halloween.

2. Vector illustration of ‘Halloween Autumn Party’

The advantage of the ‘Halloween Autumn Party’ vector illustration is that the picture will perfectly fit any format and size of printed items. This template is quite popular – its design includes the images of the castle of witches, bats, crosses. The combination of colors is quite classic; the black and orange colors are used here. The large moon in the center makes the poster augmented well – balanced, as it demonstrates that the party will be held at night. The font is white and sweeping, with patterns. At the bottom, there is a block for information: time, date, address, dress code, and so on.

3. ‘Halloween Hot Nigth’ Template

The ‘Halloween Hot Nigth’ template is available for free download and can be used to create cards, posters, banners, or any other items.

The previous two options look more like art illustrations, but this one is more about realism. A crow, three-dimensional inscriptions, a witch, webs, and bats – all these familiar party attributes are combined to catch the attention and interest of a person.

4. Free PSD Halloween Flyer.

It is a brand new free Halloween flyer template available for download. It was developed to attract visitors to thematic events.

Such a template will help invite guests to your party, as it is bright and noticeable. Here you will see a large gorgeous font and heroes in colorful themed costumes.

5. Halloween Party Template

Here’s the ‘Halloween Party’ flyer template – a collage of images of various characters such as a vampire, skull, black spider, cobweb, black cat. It looks cool, and will, for sure, attract your future guests.

After analyzing the general concept of this design, you may notice that it looks bright and colorful, perfectly illustrating the theme of the event in the mall or night club. The vampire, skull, cobweb, and black cat are the brightest elements here. It does not look like cartoon illustrations but more like realistic images, which is unique.

The template has a number of layers so that some elements can be easily removed, and new ones can be added instead. Halloween is an excellent opportunity to experiment, right?

6. ‘Trance Party’ vector flyer

The ‘Trance Party’ is a template with a unique and colorful background and a fantastic evil clown image. It is supposed to be a poster template, which will be an excellent solution for both flyers and small invitation cards, as well as boards, city lights, and other external ads.

A feature of this template is colorfulness, the use of various colors, and, of course, the clown. It is another eerie symbol of the holiday, which certainly will excite the guests.

7. Halloween Party Flyer PSD

The ‘Rock a Boo’ flyer is a multi-layered Photoshop file that makes it easy to customize to suit anyone’s needs. It looks rough with its skull background. This poster is attractive with its color palette and unusual font, but there are no images here, only slight background dimming.

8. Kids Halloween Flyer Template

This option is more suitable for children’s Halloween parties. The template is universal, creative, and effective in terms of attracting attention. It is easy to edit and customize for your own purposes.

9. Pumpkin

People are already used to the fact that pumpkin is an irreplaceable attribute of this celebration. Therefore, it is not surprising that it appears on all the promotional Halloween products. However, this symbol can still be exciting and surprising. This pumpkin flyer template is a perfect invitation to a Halloween party.

10. Frankie Halloween Flyer Template

This spooky Frankenstein flyer template can be a great Halloween party flyer template. It has is a fascinating vintage style, with bright colors and an image of a legendary hero who is familiar to both children and adults.

11. Vampire Flyer Template

Well, what is Helloween without vampires? Halloween vampire flyer is a template that is ideal for both individual invitations and mass print invitations, such as flyers. This option is similar to the previous one, but the focus here is on the vampire. The texture and the color scheme are still bright. The text is readable, and the letters are large and slightly shaded, which makes them noticeable.

12. Raven Halloween Party Invitation Card Template for Microsoft Word

It has a book format style. The focus here is on the legendary raven featured in the works of Edgar Allan Poe.

13. Coloring book pattern

Black and white design can be modern and stylish if your template looks like the coloring book. However, it may work if you invite guests to a children’s party, but not to a party in a night club. Then the kids will be both interested and fascinated. Please note that the text should still be highlighted in a bright color to attract attention.

14. Halloween Costume Award

This template is a kind of a contest announcement. It motivates a person to come up with some creative costume design, wear it to a party and receive a gift. It is interesting for both adults and children. So, it can be a universal solution for different types of events. The template has an orange and black frame, an image of witches, devils, angels, and other characters. The information in the center describes what award can be received for the most creative outfit.

15. Menu template

You can surprise your guest with the special offers for the menu, not only with gifts and costumes. As a rule, for such an event, you can serve ‘Bloody Mary’, ‘Lucifers Tears’, cupcakes in the shape of eyeballs, and much more. No one can go past a creative snack.


With the right approach, the flyer can be a powerful argument to come to you again. You can choose a design depending on your own tastes, but do not forget about simple elements: the consistency of the color scheme, emphasis on important information, pleasant offers for customers.

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