Best Free Tumblr Themes

It is no secret that WordPress is a great and affordable open-source resource with a user-friendly content management system that many people use. Indeed, lots of websites are created on this platform, so it is not surprising that there are various plugins, add-ons, themes for it. 

Let’s talk about themes. Why are they so important? Smart design is 80% of the success of every website. This is an axiom that works for everyone because people are really attracted to a beautiful picture and functionality.

That’s why it is important to work on the visual aspect of your website, put your heart and soul in it, and be creative. However, if you don’t have an opportunity to develop a unique design, if you have no ideas or are just running out of time, then pre-prepared themes will come in handy. It doesn’t mean that you are not creative; it is not plagiarism – it is just a chance to take advantage of available resources.

Every developer can find something suitable for himself and his audience. Let us show you several dozens of popular options from Tumblr.

About Tumblr

Tumblr is a functional and creative platform for microblogging and websites that allows users to share information easily. Tumblr is a smart solution for creating a personal blog, portfolio, or presentation pages, and more. Without a doubt, WordPress surpasses Tumblr in the number of users, but Tumblr is also a great solution thanks to its cool features and user-friendliness.

If you are new to this area and want to create a website, you should choose Tumblr as your content management system because you can find many free themes for Tumblr on the Internet. Of course, Tumblr is not your regular blogging platform, but it is the same versatile and useful as its competitors.

50+ Best free Tumblr themes

⦁    Persona/Custom

It is a simple and unique design. It is easy to download and use. This theme allows you to choose any background and customize it the way you want. It is both a good template and a platform for creativity. It is your opportunity to present your brand and add unique features that emphasize its style.

⦁    Classic

‘Classic’ is a simple and cool design that is easy to customize the way you want. You can select any background and customize buttons, bullets, menus, dropdown lists, etc..

Its advantage is its versatility; it can be suitable for any store, company, blog, and so on. If you are running out of ideas and trying to avoid excessively creative options, use the simplest one – the Classic design.

⦁    Osprey

‘Osprey’ is a fish-eating bird of prey that is common all over the globe. It is the only genus of family Pandionidae. This Tumblr theme features endless scrolling, sidebar image, two permalinks to photos with a ‘Like’ button, and three font headings for blogs. This list of features can be expanded, depending on the needs of the website owner.

⦁    Target Slider

‘Target Slider’ is a Tumblr theme with a large number of exciting features such as custom shades and images, localization, and so on. It gives you creative freedom and expands the borders as you have a design template with various elements. Whatever you choose, they still combine well and give a stylish result.

⦁    Volcan

‘Volcan’ is a customizable Tumblr theme with 23 options, including sidebar images, endless scroll, and background colors. 

⦁    Juggernaut

Here is another Tumblr design with cool attributes and elements. They include the updated version of plugins, endless scroll, permalinks to photos with the ‘Like’ button, sidebar, and much more. According to users and numerous reviews, the versatility makes this design one of Tumblr’s best themes.

⦁    Canvas Version 2

‘Canvas Version 2’ includes the same features as Version 4, such as endless scroll, permalinks to pictures with the ‘Like’ button, sidebar and images, rounded photos, and much more. Simplicity and minimalism dominate here, so the Canvas Version 2 is in high demand.

⦁    Cinereoism

‘Cinereoism’ is a Tumblr theme with a customizable blog width (500 to 700 pixels), endless scroll, customizable colors; it supports messages (notifications) and comments, new audio player, and much more.

⦁    Inamine

‘Inamine’ is a free Tumblr design by jBam. Here you will find stylish fonts, thin lines and outlines. This classic theme won’t look overdone. The color scheme is nude with light and warm shades.

⦁    Oh My Grid

The ‘Oh My Grid’ theme emphasizes the importance of displaying the content clearly and concisely using negative space. The main principle is of this design is using free space most rationally. Nevertheless, the tools allow you to organize the content concisely and nicely.

⦁    Instatheme 

‘Instatheme’ is a free theme that allows users to post Instagram pictures. Instagram is a relatively popular social network with convenient and simple tools, video editor, nice design. That’s why this theme will be popular with clients.

⦁    Tron

‘Tron’ is a minimalistic Tumblr theme created by Zen. It has unique ask and submit boxes. It is quite crucial for many users not to spend a lot of time searching for information when visiting the website over and over again.

⦁    Ultrazen

‘UltraZen’ is a minimalistic single column Tumblr theme. It also supports messages (notifications), so it is perfect for any type of blogs or microblogs.

⦁    Icer

‘Icer’ is a minimalistic Tumblr design with a unique sidebar with a background image. Its huge advantage is the fact it is free.

⦁    Alloy

‘Alloy’ is a metallic styled design that can work great for your content. ‘Alloy’ supports all kinds of messages, and it is easy to customize. You can upload your own logo and use Google Fonts to achieve a desired look ad style.

⦁    Default

The Default theme by Peter Vidani is the original design. It includes the following features: localization, color and image selection, comments, and many other functions that make it a perfect choice. It is a theme with nothing extra – just functional blocks and buttons.

⦁    Paper Stacks

‘Paper Stacks’ is the first Tumblr theme designed for touch screens. Paper Stacks is a great new way to demonstrate your ideas and inspiration. Despite its limitation in the placement of blocks, it is possible to add your own backing to a menu or picture for the cover.

⦁    Syndex

‘Syndex’ is an uncompromising, highly functional board, which is extremely easy to use. 

⦁    Maqfee

‘Maqfee’ is a minimal design that comes with a lot of settings and cool features like support of Google Analytics, custom CSS, metadata show/hide options, and many others.

⦁    Chunky 

‘Chunky’ is one of the most colorful options. It stands out from others because of its wide custom color range, customizable comment section design, high definition, and localization.

⦁    Clarus

‘Clarus’ is a clear and transparent theme with an emphasis on strong typography. ‘Clarus’ design has CSS3 customizable background gradients with space background. In addition, the theme provides three predefined color schemes: navy, blue, and red.

⦁    Optica

‘Optica’ is a Tumblr theme with the following features: the ability to post all types of messages, custom colors, images, hidden comments, localization. 

⦁    Next Saturday

This unique design has quite a unique name. This solution allows users to customize colors, leave comments, post all types of messages. The design is quite bright visually, but the brightness is moderate; it does not make an impression of poor taste.

⦁    Cavalcade

‘Cavalcade’ is one of the best available options. This design featuring custom colors, images, and comment sections is perfect for online stores because there are many different blocks and fields, it is possible to place item images, and only two colors are used for this design.

⦁    Royal Cameleon

‘Royal Cameleon’ is a design template with different types of custom colors, localizations, search, and tags. Such a solution is suitable for those who want to adapt their resource to search engine algorithms. 

⦁    Fluid 

It is the most popular design because it supports brand new audio and photo updates, new frames and shadows, integration with Twitter, Instagram, and Flickr channels. It also includes an interesting sharing widget. 

⦁    Minimalist

Here you will see multi-colored bubbles, blocks, attractive laconic buttons, and minimal style with nothing extra at the same time. This one will emphasize your text.

⦁    Vertigo

‘Vertigo’ by Matthew Buchanan is a slightly unusual and fun one-column theme inspired by the works of Saul Bass, Art Goodman, and Dave Nagata. It’s free, and there is a configuration function that allows you to choose one accent color for headlines, links, and image editing.

⦁    Shelfy

Shelfy supports all kinds of messages, custom colors and images, comments, localization, and much more.

⦁    Digitalis

This template design is all about a minimalistic background where you can place beautiful images and necessary text information. This theme has an adaptive design, which means that the template is created to fit any size of the page or device (phone, tablet, PC).

⦁    Alternate Universe

‘Alternate Universe’ is a stylish and modern design that allows you to tag and customize colors.

⦁     Midday’s Night/ Midnight Sun/ Night Sky

This theme is sweet, simple, and free.

⦁    Masonite 

‘Masonite’ includes the following features: all types of messages, custom colors and images, comments and discussions (forums).

⦁    Timbre

It is a free theme by Synth Media. The focus is on the nice typography and simplicity. 

⦁    Kotak

It is a nice and simple minimalistic two-column theme with a sidebar and infinite manual scrolling mode; it supports all types of posts. The ‘Reblog’ and ‘Like’ buttons are on the main page.

⦁    Smart Minima

It is a one-column design with a large number of settings, including the header images, resizable background images, font and link colors.

⦁    Magnify

It supports all types of messages, adaptive design, endless scrolling, unique feed, custom fonts and colors.

⦁    Purple

It is a basic theme with a big spectrum of image blocks. 

⦁    Quadro 

‘Quadro’ combines a minimalistic theme design with a wide range of customization options. That’s why it can be used for online stores, blogs, news resources, landing pages, etc..

⦁    Free Tumblr Theme: Bulk Speed

This theme has slide shows for photos and is great for demonstrating collections of pictures without sacrificing their quality.

⦁    Tidy Tumblr

This free design is minimal and pretty.

⦁    Phantom

Alex Ray created this free Tumblr theme in order to test HTML, CSS, and jQuery.

⦁    Blandiloquent

It is a free Tumblr theme with a number of features: clickable title, 2 to 5 250px columns, rounded angles, italic font, endless scrolling, and lots of useful things.

⦁    Illusion 

It is another visually attractive theme with custom colors and links, social network buttons, left and right sidebars, and additional settings.

⦁    Mashup

Endless scrolling, permalinks to photos with the Like button, link fields, and rounded borders.

⦁    Portals / Single A  (Персональный портал)

This theme is great for people who want to use one of their Tumblr blogs as a personal homepage with a large cover image and bio-box with links to various social networks in the navigation bar.

⦁    Bright Day

The ‘Bright Day’ theme is a very colorful, customizable Tumblr design with a variety of typographic elements. Manage the functionality by adding or removing content and elements.

⦁    Meringue

This design template supports all kinds of messages. 

⦁    Infinite

The Infinite Tumblr theme supports the following features: all types of messages, custom colors, comments, high resolution, and tags.

⦁    Club Monaco

The ‘Club Monaco’ theme is a design template that allows you to create your own Fashion Lookbook.

⦁    Fashion Chic

It is a one-column minimal design that is easy to customize. It is excellent for beginners! The user can add his own banner, change color and other parameters.

⦁    Feed

It is a one-column design with a sidebar. Many users love this minimal, simple, easily customizable template with a pig number of features. It resembles Instagram or Facebook feed in its simplicity.

⦁    Moon 

It is a Tumblr theme that supports many features such as endless scrolling, three different fonts for blog headings, three permalinks to photos, a fixed or static heading, and a banner image. 

⦁    Union 3

It is a new one-column Tumblr theme. It is easy to install, and it has a lot of tools. That’s why Union 3 can be customized for a blog, store, media, online catalog. Union 3 is an opportunity to follow your creativity and show it to your audience.

⦁    Montreal 

It does not stand out from other designs, as it is the same laconic, uncomplicated, free. There is an ad section at the top of the page that can be successfully used for promotion. 

How to choose a theme

The choice depends on the type of website. If you have informational content, pay attention to the fonts you are using. They must be stylish and comfortable to read. 

If you have an online store or catalog, then the pages should be well developed, there must be bullets for description, price, etc.. 

For a business landing, it is crucial to be catchy to make clients return to your website. Therefore, the functionality should not be neglected. The color scheme should also correspond to the general mood and message of your resource. We hope you find something interesting for yourself!

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