Useful iOS7 Icon Templates and UI Kits For App Developers

Apple is a company that has been a leader of the smartphone manufactury and premium-quality technology for several years. This company is trusted by people all over the world. But what makes Apple products the best choice? Surely, their autonomy, power, style, and so on. However, the design remains one of the central indicators. 

Recently, Apple launched its 11th iPhone, which surprised everyone with an updated operating system, new chips, and design improvement. In this article, we will take a look at icon templates and their features, which will be useful for iOS developers.

Interface Features:

  • Golden section grid;
  • The icons on the iPhone’s main screen are quite large in size (from 114 pixels and 57 pixels to 120 pixels and 60 pixels);
  • A new color scheme to display the variety of shades much clearer;
  • App Store and home screen preview have a curved outline.

The most advanced OS in the world has already entered the markets with a completely new design and cool new features that will certainly surprise you. The cool thing is that Apple made some nice changes, especially in the interface.

Today applications are the most important part of any gadget; no phone or tablet seems to be complete without them. One of the main changes is in application icons, their design and grid size are now different.

We have collected many examples of icons that can be used to analyze the rules for creating icons. Here are the best iOS7 icon templates and user interface kits for application developers that you can download and use creatively. We recommend that you check them out and test them.

Please note that all the examples provided in the article are official, the company has used them for a long time. We recommend avoiding plagiarism, so please use these templates as an inspiration.

1. iOS7 Map icon

You can find the Map app on every phone; it is in high demand nowadays. If you go to the official app store, you will notice that there are several dozens or even hundreds of programs created for navigation. Every developer wants to stand out among the others, but due to the specific purpose of this app, they have you use a map image anyways. In the case of the iPhone, you can use the plan diagram and add a compass icon. It looks quite simple, understandable, and modern. The main thing is not to overdo it with the number of too thin and too bold lines. If the image is too subtle, the small version of the icon may look sloppy, but too thick lines will look rough and awkward. Pay attention to proportions, use the color scheme as presented below in the example. In this case, the icon will be quite attractive and noticeable. By the way, such a solution looks advantageous both in a light and a dark mode.

 2. iOS 7 Icon Grid Photoshop 

Photoshop and related programs released adapted editors for the operating system a while ago, so it is not surprising that they are so widely used. If you want to develop some kind of photo or video editor for American smartphones, just create something according to the well-known analog of Photoshop, follow the idea, but make your own color and creative improvements. You can even use the gradient for such programs, as it emphasizes the creative direction.

 3. iOS Status bar 

The status bar of ​​the smartphone is almost always in sight. What is important here? – Attractive look, intelligibility, accessibility. IOS keeps it simple and minimal with no extra lines. Here is an example of a clock, battery, and signal reception indicator. As you can see, they are not framed but are all made in one color (the color of the icons on the bar depends on the theme chosen by the user). If you are planning on developing applications or creating your own OS, consider this approach. 


  • all the icons and time are clearly visible;
  • it is suitable for any theme;
  • it is easy to create.

4. iOS Docs 

The times when your phone was a device for incoming and outgoing calls have passed. Today it is a multi-functional device that allows you to work with almost any software. Office programs for text documents of various formats, presentations, tables, file editors are no exception. Each version of the iPhone has its own set of these programs, and the icons are almost the same everywhere. There are no distinctive and complex objects here, just a colored rectangle with a bent corner (this technique is often used for documents), with main letters of the application name in the middle. This is a good solution for a set of programs from one developer.

5. PSD: iOS Icon Template (Original)

Let’s take a look at several templates of original programs such as Face Time or Mail. They are square, with smooth rounded corners, with a nice gradient color transition. For example, we can see the transition from green to white color in Face Time, and the transition from blue to white in Mail. This shape is typical for applications on the iPhone. The color scheme has been used since the first versions. This makes applications recognizable on the screen.

6. iOS Icons

Icon menu looks classic for iOS. The icons don’t have a particular order, so the users can rearrange them as they wish. You can see a standard theme on a background. The icons are placed horizontally in a standard row. One screen can fit up to 24 icons (iPhone 7).

When developing your icons, remember that they must be of different sizes for the desktop, for the general menu, for notifications in the status bar, for the settings section, and so on. 

Common sizes

512 × 512 pixels, 57 × 57 pixels, 29 × 29 pixels, 114 × 114 pixels, 58 × 58 pixels, 72 × 72 pixels, 50 × 50 pixels.

7. PSD: Icon templates for iOS

How to create the icon itself? Here you can see a template with a schematic sketch. It is based on a square with rounded corners. Due to the smooth edges of the object, it is easily combined with any theme or design. It also looks stylish and modern, as sharp corners went out of style seven years ago. A letter, number, or pattern should be placed right in the center to avoid unwanted asymmetry.

8. iOS 7 UI Kit PSD

Now let’s switch from icons to the vector graphic set. We will take the iPhone 7 as an example since the graphic set has not changed much since its time. Here you can see the same design principle in the interface, it is minimalistic and simple. Arrows look like a right angle directed to the left, right, up, or down. There is a text next to the arrows. The color of the graphic buttons is blue for the classic theme. Why is graphics important?

Any application has some buttons such as menus, tools, commands, and so on. They should be not only convenient for the user, but also look attractive. If you are developing an application for iPhone, and really want to surprise users, make the design of your elements harmonious and similar to the original iPhone design. Using one style for the software is not only aesthetically pleasing but also modern.

9. Pictures iOS7 Fix

The photos section (gallery) is a typical flower-like icon. The gradient design is also used here. It makes sense because the albums contain the most vivid memories of your life. If you are working on a photo editor or an analog of the gallery, you can take this image as an example and create something similar. Anyways, the color spectrum is universal, and it will be suitable for any theme.

10. Safari icon

Safari is a classic browser for this phone. Its color scheme is blue and white with a small red element.

11. Flat iOS7 Control center

The control center opens with a swipe. Here you will see the classic sound profile, flashlight, mobile data, camera, flight mode, notifications, and more. This section has no colorful images and rough lines; it looks quite minimalistic. The background corresponds to the theme – it is plain and nude. All icons are either white or black, without sharp lines, with smooth transitions.

12. Section grid of the Browser icon 

Surely most of you have heard of the Golden Section, which makes image proportions ideal. This rule should also be followed here, as in other operating systems. For example, here you can see popular images and their schematical drawings. Although the asymmetry often looks creative, original, and modern, most logos are still symmetrical.

13. Icons with white background

There is only a couple of them left, but they are still there. If we compare the examples with each other, the icons with no background look more modern and are easier to read.

That is why most designers have don’t use this design anymore. The exception is the Facebook messenger, which still has its white background design. The company claims this element makes its icon more recognizable.

WhatsApp also got rid of the background color and turned it green to fit the overall concept. It is important to be as careful as possible with this technique not to make the icon look outdated. If you still want to add a white (or any other) background, be sure to test how it combines with different themes.

The above templates are just a few examples of what can be used as an inspiration to create an icon. You do not have to take the Safari logo as a basis and create a mobile browser. However, if you are looking for inspiration and would like to create something exciting, these articles will come in handy.

How to get inspiration and create icons?

Since the icon is one of the most important and recognizable elements of any application, it is essential to pay attention to its design. There are a lot of resources that will help you make an impressive, creative design. Let’s take a look at some of them. They are focused on American iPhones.

App Icon Creator


Flat Shadow Generator

This is a great resource for creating and testing logos and extremely convenient photo editor. You can create a standard iOS 7 design, chic flat style, flat shadow style here. You can also add gradient transitions, various grids, and graphics.

Minimal Icon Generator

This platform provides the basic template that meets Apple’s requirements and a number of tools. Here you can choose different color combinations, gradient transitions, layers, and groups. This software allows you to resize icons and create both large icons for the desktop and smaller ones for previews.

iOS Bundle: Icon Creator, Generator & Exporter

This application will help you forget about flat designs. The voluminous design is a trend now. Give your icons dynamism and movement! The template includes several icons, frames, and backgrounds that you can match until you find the best combination. The template uses vectors, so you will have no problem setting it up to correspond to your needs. Here you will see 10 icons, 4 frames, 7 backgrounds, and a 3D effect that applies to all the backgrounds. After you create your image, the template will automatically generate the icons for your application in the following sizes: 512 × 512 pixels, 57 × 57 pixels, 29 × 29 pixels, 114 × 114 pixels, 58 × 58 pixels, 72 × 72 pixels, 50 × 50 pixels. To generate separate files with their individual parameters, just use one of the actions in Photoshop included in this kit. They export all rounded or square icons.

Old School Icons

There are several dozen options for designs and textures of real materials that you may like. Also, there are gradient backgrounds, frame styles, and several textures in the template.

iOS Retina Icon Creator

Here you will see thousands of combinations to create an icon. This application is suitable for professionals who want to make something extraordinary and noticeable. If your budget is limited and you cannot afford to hire a designer, this might be your best option. The template includes various lighting effects, frame styles, and color combinations to create a unique image.

These resources will be of help for both beginners and professional designers. When developing an icon, focus on general standards, Apple’s requirements, the style of existing programs, and the characteristics of the operating system.

You will find more useful iOS icon templates for application developers in the second part of our article.

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