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The website’s login page has a significant role as it allows the visitor to feel the functionality and visually evaluate the design and taste of the developers. A visually pleasing login page is the key to success as customers will stay on your website and come back to it. 

Flat design is a current trend in modern web marketing. Apps, communities, and online stores need to have an attractive registration or login form to help users access publications and other important aspects of the resource.

The principle is that users enter their personal data, register, and get access to a wide range of information. In this article, you will find well-designed flat screens of the login pages.

1. Red Mantis

The red color is bright and attractive, so its presence in the layout will make the login page exciting and pleasant to perceive. 

2. Smart Client Layout

This option is much more calm compared to the previous one. Here you can see the natural brightness of the background image and black fields and buttons.

3. Maple Story

Here you can see the perfect option for the entry page of a gaming website. Children love interesting, magical, colorful things, and they will definitely like such a creative approach (so will their parents).

4. PSI Login Page

Wood style is a rather complicated technique. It rarely turns out to be appropriate to use, but it worked out pretty well for the PSI Login Page template. A harmonic mix of dark green color and a rough volumetric texture gives a visually attractive result.

5. Login IV

Here you can see a typical flat design featuring thin lines, transparent elements, geometric objects. This pleasant color makes the design universal. You can use it for social networks, information websites, online stores, or any other resources. It will be appropriate and advantageous anywhere.

6. Order Manager

Another creative option for online games or websites with similar bright designs, such as kids’ clothing stores, toy stores, etc.. Mickey Mouse, everybody’s favorite character, and a bright color scheme make this page appealing and user-friendly. The font is quite easy to read, especially considering the bright colors and patterns. The input field is at the bottom. 

7. My Virtual Paper

Here you can see the imitation of paper sheets. This window for registration or login is more suitable for official sites, business resources, company admin areas, and so on. 

8. Aronil

Similar solutions are used very often – a small input window with a colorful pattern on the background. A unique concept of using shadows brings visual completeness.

9. Battlenet

Here is one of the examples where the name of the website is placed at the top of the page, featuring input fields right below it.  This two-color design is a combination of blue and white colors. Blue shades add contrast and saturation.  It looks minimalistic, concise, understandable. This is another option for the universal design of the registration or login page. 

10. Green Globe Ideas

It is quite a bright and colorful design of the login page; however, it may not work for everyone. Here we can see plenty of graphic drawings, bright colors, and a large number of buttons. In fact, there is no separate page for entering the login and password, but you can do this on the main page. The solution is quite interesting since you can set any image that is suitable in size and theme as a cover.

11. Erise

Here is another example of a minimalism design where authors decided not to use images and graphic elements. Metallic color gives solidity and versatility, so the template can be used for different purposes. 

12. PSI

The login windows are often rectangular, but in this case, designers decided to surprise us with irregularly shaped trapeze, which is very catchy and exciting. There are also no bright images or artworks. Everything is concise and simple. Due to this, the accompanying text is easy to read, and it does not create tension. 

13. Suits Me

Vivid colors are not often an excellent choice for such pages, but professional designers still manage to present them correctly. In the case of this example of flat design, this is exactly what they achieved – a universal and simple style.

14. Treemolabs

Modern web design requires creativity and constant development, but some things will always be popular. You can see that the right combination of black and white gives a fairly noticeable result, and green elements accurately emphasize modernity. The button is quite large, the font is clear, the lines are even and correct.

15. Yellow Bird Project

Scientists have proven that the yellow color is perceived well by most people, so you can use it as much as you need. The main thing is to skillfully combine it with other shades – white, black, turquoise. Yellow Bird Project is a creative option for a flat entry page. There are various buttons and a fairly clear font that will not cause tension.

16. Launch Pad Signals

Sometimes you don’t have to come up with unusual ideas to surprise people. You can keep it simple, use calm pastel shades, make a standard field for personal data, and place an object related to the business of your website. It will look complete and attractive. 

17. Flv Player

Here is an example of a flat design that is ideal for different websites or mobile apps. A well-chosen color scheme, clear font, and lines of buttons and fields make it universal. 

18. Wufoo

It is an older design option, there is nothing special about it – just input fields and accompanying buttons. If you do not want to stand out from the crowd, you can try this design. In any case, this design will look calm and unremarkable. However, we still need to mention that the template seems outdated and is not commonly used nowadays.

19. Login Screen

Here is also one of the standard options that have been used in web design for many years, and one of those to gradually disappear.

20. Survs

This design is supposed to be versatile, so bright colors or specific patterns are not used here. Everything is understandable and straightforward.

21. Colorlib — Inst

I bet many of you use mobile apps and social networks, such as Tick-Tok, Instagram, Like, and so on. This login page design is created specifically for such social networks and is frequently used nowadays. The color scheme is bright with a gradient technique, which is now widely used in the design of well-known websites. Leading designers use it quite often. Buttons are no longer square, lines and bends tend to be smooth and calm.

22. Colorlib — 2

If you are looking for a modern solution for your website, this option is a suitable one. The page is visually divided into two asymmetric parts with a field for entering personal data to the right and a picture to catch the attention to the left. Also, the image is not clear; it has a filter that matches the buttons on the right side in color. It looks quite harmonious and modern.

23. Colorlib—3 

Here we can see a similar solution. However, the page is divided into two parts horizontally. It has a cover image on the top where you can place any picture you like and fields for personal data at the bottom. Notice how over time, designers replace rectangular fields with lines for authorization. It complies with the rules of minimalism and looks more pleasant.  


Anyway, you are the one to choose the design for your website; however, if you want to keep up with the trends, we recommend you selecting modern shapes and styles. If you own a reputable company (or create a website design for a reputable recognizable company), it is better to avoid excessive brightness and unnecessary elements. Give preference to simplicity and minimalism.

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