How to use Google+ to promote your web-design business?

Today, the Google platform is a real search giant. It provides both private and corporate users with many exciting tools. That is why Google+ is extremely popular. In this article, we will tell you how to create a website page through this service and what benefits you can get in this case.

How to make the network bring income?

As mentioned earlier, before promoting and creating business pages, any business needs to plan a marketing strategy to define how to do it. It is an excellent decision to use Google+ platform, as today it is one of the largest and most powerful tools for working with digital space. You should draw up a strategy based on the following points:

  • What is unique about my service?
  • What is my target audience? What are its requirements?
  • What recourse for promotion do I have?
  • What result do I want to achieve?
  • How much time my team and I can spend on promotion every day?
  • How much money are we ready to invest in the client base?

After answering all these questions, you will understand the direction you need to move. In order to successfully present yourself on the Internet, and create your own resource, you should analyze the available platforms. One of the most successful of them is Google +. 

People have been using Google Plus for many years for personal and professional purposes. As a social media tool, it helps you expand your network, gaining more business privileges. Here is a list of points that show how Google Plus can help web designers expand their horizons and promote their service for creating an authorial web design.

Creating a page

Please note that this option is available only to registered users. So, if you do not have an account on Google, it’s time to create it. 

Next, follow this link:

There you will be able to choose a category: business, product or brand, company or organization, art/entertainment/sports, etc. To select a category, click on the corresponding window. If you create web designs, choose Business.

The next step is to fill in the information fields. Enter the name of the page, and select the background for its design. Users can add a logo or cover. Do not forget to add contact information, a description of products or services, links to social networks, or a blog. This will help potential target audience (and visitors) find out more about your business.

The third step is to add news. You can add publications such as “About Us”, “Our Clients”, “Price”, and so on. You can also add links to a blog or your videos. It’s worth adding this content so that visitors can understand who you are.

The fourth step is adding a website link to the page on Google+. We recommend adding a button or widget.

Management tips

Creating a profile is not enough. It is also necessary to constantly fill it with content so that visitors do not get bored, and the audience expands. Write news, notes about the company, share tips, corporate events, information about the team. If you have certificates, awards, diplomas, also do not forget to attach them.

Do not forget to put a website link to Google+. When you add information and put a link to your site there, you get integration with Google.

Connect the map and try another interesting service – Google Places. Google is interested in your promotion, so fill in the profile carefully. There are many tips for this. We will take a look at the most effective and significant ones to increase the level of user engagement.

Maintain your page actively

As you all know, Google is a leading search. Once you get into the world of web design, the first thing to do is to decide what your business strategy will be. Sharing information through social media is one of the marketing strategies that will help you meet many people, which will help you easily promote your web design business.

Personal branding

Make your brand recognizable! Use your logo as a profile picture. It will help the users to see your features even in a small window. This is very important for increasing recognition.

Moreover, if you provide design services, there will be no problems with branding.

Share your business design web page

The first step after creating your business page is to share a link to the resource with people and groups who will help you to meet clients and colleagues. Don’t forget to ask the users to subscribe, invite friends, like, repost, or share in the messenger. This simple action helps to expand the audience. Expand your network as well; People from your social circle on Google Plus will notice your design work and help you with promotion. It is essential to use this tool correctly.

Be as active as possible

The next thing you can do is to post a link to your page everywhere you can – whether it’s a website, a blog, or the open spaces of a social network. Also, add a link to your page on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, and even VKontakte. It works if you look for places to post carefully. For these purposes, you can use personal profiles, pages of bloggers, or other communities. For example, you can buy ads from famous influences so that they talk about your business on their blogs and promote it this way. However, there are many nuances here; we will discuss them later.

Follow other pages on Google Plus

Besides creating your own Google+ business page, it is crucial to look for profiles in the same business area and follow them. It is not about plagiarism; it is about borrowing ideas, adopting experience, analyzing mistakes. This way, you can learn more about the platform’s features and find out something new and exciting for your audience. It is obvious that you should follow those who have already achieved some success in this industry, those who can share a story of successful co-operation with Google+. This way, you can get design or publication ideas to interact with your audience. Just do not copy, but borrow ideas and be inspired. Remember that plagiarism is wrong and unprofessional.

Expanding your social network is the only trick that will help make people aware of your services. As soon as the target audience begins to monitor your business, it is essential not to lose contact with it. Talk about work, share ideas.

Get Google Plus verification

After you sign up for Google Plus, you should add the Google+ icon to your website. It connects your website and Google+ page, making it easy to track customers and add subscribers to your profile.

Also, this is actually a profile verification. In order for the system to give you this mark, you must get 1000 followers. The advantage of a verified page is undeniable. The clients will trust you more and understand that your service is in demand.

Interact with your followers

There are various ways to expand your network. One of the most effective is maintaining contact with subscribers and existing customers. It is essential to follow the publications of your subscribers. Commenting other people’s posts will make you visible to people, you will be much more noticeable in their feeds. Thus, you can increase the number of subscribers and get more customers.

Use multimedia

In Google+ services, the term “multimedia” refers to the typical photos, videos, graphics, and other visual elements. Multimedia attracts the attention of people, forcing them to comment, share information. So, you can be sure your business goal will be achieved. This category includes:

  • Interviews;
  • Commercials;
  • Promo;
  • Congratulations on holidays;
  • Banners;
  • Infographics;
  • Gifs, and much more.

Make your content bright and attractive. This will make clients stop scrolling and see the details.

Learn from others

It is evident that those who dedicated years to web development probably know much more than any non-professionals. But in fact, no matter how many years you have been practicing in a particular field, there is always something to learn and something to improve. Follow other people’s Google+ pages that have a large number of followers. Watch what they do, what the latest news is, and how people react. In short, get inspired by getting ideas and adapting them to promote your web design business.

Use Google Hangouts

After you’ve created your business page, do not sit down and wait for the orders to appear. Be active on Google Plus and use its smart features to promote your business. No doubt, Google Plus will allow people to learn more about you. But for better involvement, you need to make an effort. For example, you can host a free hangout on Google+ for about ten people at a time. This will help you meet your potential audience, start an interaction, communicate in an informal setting. For other people, you will seem to be an outgoing businessman who is always in touch and ready to cooperate, communicate, listen to advice, comments, suggestions, and ideas.

Create exclusive content

The key to business promotion is creating exclusive content that corresponds to the interests of the target audience. For example, if you are focused on youth, make your content simple and use funny pictures, jokes, slang, and informal communication. If your potential clients are managers and directors, just keep it informative. Don’t forget about the business style in conversation. However, whatever option you choose, never copy information from competitors or even colleagues. You can get inspirational ideas and do something of your own on their basis, but never copy others’ achievements. This will cause mistrust among customers, and you will end up in anti-rating. Creating exclusive items and presenting the best designs will make people curious about your work. This will help you grow your business. And if you also surprise people with creativity, success is guaranteed!

How to make your website go to the top of the search results using Google Plus?

Since this service is integrated into the search engine, the traffic attraction is quite high. Analyzing the statistics, we can say that Google+ pages are more visited than the resources of third-party platforms. However, high involvement is sometimes not enough to achieve the desired number of buyers and customers. The tips above will help you increase the number of visitors, but some technical steps can also be useful.

First, it’s important to use the company name in the page title.  It will help the visitors to find you faster. It will be even better if you do this in two languages if you have a foreign language version.

Secondly, create a creative and catchy cover, since it will be the first thing your visitors will see after they open the website.

Set the buttons of the most popular social networks in order for the clients to repost the information. However, it is essential not to overdo it with their number and size. Do it wisely.

According to Socialbakers statistics, local pages are more popular than general pages. So, just add a small amount of information to the general landing page and get several local ones. This is especially useful for large companies that have representative offices in different regions or different countries.


Any potential business customer wants to be heard. So, follow the tips above, try hard for your audience, interact with it. When the system captures your increased activity, it will gradually raise your position in the ranking. The higher the position in the search results, the more views you will get.

Do not forget that when your global mechanism starts and the desired number of followers is reached, you should not stop updating the page. A new profile in Google+ is easier to promote than the one that was once created and forgotten. Therefore, to avoid losing positions and involvement, hire a specialist who will regularly deal with filling the source.

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