The Best Add-ons and UI Editors for Bootstrap

Bootstrap is an affordable, free framework for HTML, CSS, and JS. It is used mainly among web developers in order to create responsive designs and applications quickly. It is used in different countries of the world by both large corporations and private individuals. The demand is high due to broad functionality and availability. Thousands of sites have been created on this platform. You can view them on the Bootstrap Expo.

This resource works both with website design and admin panels. Bootstrap remains the most famous and popular framework along with the equally well-known Foundation, UIkit, Semantic UI, InK.

There will be no difficulties for those who have not previously worked with this site because the interface is intuitive. There is an extensive library with tools and add-ons that will help create a stylish and usable website.

Add-ons can be considered as user interface editors. Here is a selection of the best Bootstrap UI editors for your developers. After analyzing them, you can choose something for yourself and create a colorful and functional platform quickly.

Best Add-ons for Bootstrap

1. Bootstrap Magic

It is a Bootstrap theme generator that uses the latest version of Bootstrap 3 and Angular JS to preview user changes. It includes the import of variables, color schemes, and smart text input.

It is an open-source plugin that helps you easily create themes on Bootstrap 4.0. The app has a real-time preview and HTML coding to help you create a theme right in your browser. Other cool features include Google Fonts, variable search, ease of downloading and exporting. It is completely free.

2. BootSwatchr

BootSwatch is the only Bootstrap customizer to support language translation. Also, this pack is an excellent visual tool for creating your own Bootstrap theme from scratch.

3. Bootstrap Live Editor

It is the admin editor created for Bootstrap. Offering a beautiful and elegant way to edit HTML using ready-made content or Bootstrap fragments, it becomes one of the best assistants in creating the site. Also, it has advanced features, including button customization, custom tags, localization, etc.

4. Fancyboot

It is a useful tool that allows users to edit Bootstrap functions and view their changes in real-time. Plugins and components can be enabled by choosing a color from the side menu. After making the changes, you can download the compiled and minimized CSS ZIP file along with jQuery plugins for use or testing.

5. Bootstrap style

This is a cool browser utility that helps customize the look of Twitter Bootstrap. The user will be able to customize almost everything, depending on their own needs – the style of the website body, typography, buttons, navigation, forms, alerts, and much more. After customization, the generated CSS can be downloaded as an archive.

6. Lavish

Lavish is an application that helps you create a Bootstrap color scheme from your own images. It helps generate the colors for the font, background, links, title, menu, tabs, text, drop-down menu. Once you decide which color scheme you want to use, you can simply download the Boostrap.css file and select the necessary components.

7. Boot ThemeRoller

Bootstrap ThemeRoller is an intuitive web application that provides a visual interface for customizing and creating your own Bootstrap theme using a visual interface. Using this tool, you can manage the color, size, fonts, shapes, buttons, tables, alerts, navigation bar, menus, and much more.

This app helps you get a unique URL for each style you create. This way, you can save your settings so that you can pause and resume configuration wherever you want.

8. LayoutIt!

Using Drag & Drop Interface Builder, you can quickly create a web interface code. Easy integration with any programming language allows users to download HTML and code the design.

9. Pingendo

This is an application that allows users to prototype responsive web pages based on the popular Twitter Bootstrap platform. There is a vast selection of ready-made layouts. One of the features allows you to drag items (blocks) to the desired position and resize them. These options provide the most convenient and efficient use of the workspace.

It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced web professional or a novice, Pingendo works for everyone. Pingendo has an online code editor, so you don’t need to export code for editing HTML or CSS.

Among other exciting functions that make it stand out from its competitors, there are customizable blocks, which means that each section or component is fully editable, and the entire code design is intuitive and simple.

There are some cool things you can do with Pingendo, from static responsive web pages, marketing landing pages to a quick layout framework with a great user interface. Here you can prototype applications for your next Angular or React project.

Thanks to Netlify, you can deploy your project and get your own URL, share your work with clients and colleagues, collect feedback, and expand collaboration.

Price: Free, but limited in time. The unlimited package starts at $ 9 per month.

10. Kickstrap

Kickstrap is a user interface editor that combines Bootstrap with leading web technologies – databases, tables, and other complex formats.

11. Bootply

Bootply is a cool interface editing tool that makes it easy for users to edit the CSS, HTML, and JavaScript languages ​​integrated into Bootstrap. It is a visual editor: admin panel with the drag and drop feature, design, prototyping and testing. When used correctly, the boot code repository makes it easy to get ready-made fragments, examples, and Bootstrap templates and test them before publication.

12. X-Editable

This extensive library allows you to create editable elements on the page, such as pop-ups and built-in ads. The library has blocks for online broadcasts and offline content.

X-Editable gives you an opportunity to work quickly, add and remove fields, and provide a functional server-side script for updating data.

13. Jetstrap

Jetstrap is a web-based tool for creating interfaces. The advantage is that users do not need to download any software to use it. Just log in and create your workspace. Jetstrap helps you quickly create and run awesome websites, without hiring a lot of employees, or doing a lot of work.

14. DivShot

DivShot is a quick visual text editor for an external interface that is as simple as a layout tool. Including component libraries for a variety of needs, DivShot is one of the best available plugins. In addition, it features a real-time theme switch. This way, you get functionality and buttons as the main feature, and design is a secondary part that can be changed depending on individual needs.

The trial version is available for free. Here you can test almost all the available features. After a week of testing, you can buy this add-on for your needs. Corporate and private packages are available.

15. PaintStrap

A beautiful design is 80% of the success of the website. Many people believe in it, and some people don’t. But we cannot deny the fact that visitors often appreciate the visual design of the resource. That is why it is essential to work hard on this aspect. If there is no way to develop a design from scratch, use pre-created blanks with the option of choosing a color scheme.

16. Fuel UX

This is a fairly functional tool, which includes additional Javascript components:

  • Checkbox: a standard element that has javascript, the enable, switch and other buttons;
  • Combobox: a drop-down list, search in the list by text, code, attribute, tag, and so on;
  • Datagrid is a table that has navigation on each page, columns, search menus and filters;
  • Pillbox is a tool that creates and manages a field for entering article tags;
  • Radio Box, Search, Selectbox, Spinner, Tree, Wizard – these are additional components included in the Fuel UX package.

17. Jasny

This is a fairly modern collection of useful components for Twitter Bootstrap with the following features.

  • Typeahead is a regular input that supports AJAX drop-down list;
  • Input mask is the input field for the mask value (phone numbers, card numbers, and other windows);
  • Row link makes a table row a clickable link.
  • File Upload is a stylized file upload window;

You can find more features and interesting components for this block on the official Jasny website.

18. is a free theme customizing plugin on Bootstrap. A theme is a style layer that is designed for standard Bootstrap CSS. If you want to check out other Bootstrap tools and templates from the same developer, go to themes.guides.

One of the latest offers was the initial Bootstrap Admin and UI Kit templates with jQuery, React, and Vue 2. In addition, Forque is integrated with Chart.js and The jQuery version also includes the ‘Inbox’ application.

19. Bootstrap Build

After registering for the free version of Bootstrap Build, you get:

  • SASS compiler;
  • plugins and add-ons for installation;
  • free Bootstrap themes;
  • the ability to export a supported SASS file with a template and your own code.

For five dollars, you get cloud storage to save your drafts, convert themes to projects and save them for future work, make changes to your theme. Bootstrap Build was introduced at Product Hunt and Stackshare (among the TOP 50 tools for web development and projects in 2018), so it is definitely worth trying it.

20. Designmodo

Designmodo is a free add-on. But if you want to buy a version with demo components, you will have to pay 89 dollars for it.

Designmodo is a powerful website and prototype builder. Regardless of the project you are working on, you can be sure that Designmodo Startup will be useful to you: it has an unlimited number of web elements, pre-designed modules, styles, options and templates. This tool includes exporting to HTML, an intuitive drag and drop interface with all components to create your own theme.


Galleries are an important block for different websites. The easiest way is to use a jQuery one. You can also try the stylized Twitter bootstrap. All you need for the configuration is to add the appropriate HTML code to the page. These popular suggestions may be useful for you:

1. Bootstrap Lightbox

The classic design has a carousel, but it is not possible to add a photo in a pop-up window using lightbox. To add it to the page, you just need to register the HTML code.

2. Simple Lightbox

Simple Lightbox is another lightbox for Twitter Bootstrap. To start working with the plugin, you need to add the data attribute to the image.

3. Bootstrap Image Gallery

It is a ready-made gallery for Twitter Bootstrap, which has a grid with images that open with one click. Bootstrap Image Gallery can work in full-screen mode.

Dialogs and Notifications

Popup windows, dialog boxes, notifications, and other blocks for interaction are quite important on various websites – from electronic catalogs to information services.

Twitter Bootstrap comes with great popup feature. All these plugins allow you to improve it.


It is a relatively small library that will help set up the automatic windows. It allows you to manage the block’s location, markup, design, and message fields. Remember not to overuse popups: if there are too many of them and if they block access to necessary information, users will not stay on your resource. Therefore, the use of dialog boxes should be appropriate.

Bootstrap Modal

This plugin significantly expands the standard modal windows, making them infinite. It also makes it possible to load content into them via AJAX.

There is one significant issue. When you call up a window and scroll it, the page under this pop-up window scrolls too. This is very inconvenient and non-functional, so Bootstrap Modal got rid of this problem. Now, if there is a pop-up dialog box, it rotates with the mouse, and the page stays still.

Bootstrap Growl

This is a free plugin that creates corporate-style notifications. The owner of the resource can configure ​​their placement, popup format, size, type of dialog box, and other parameters.

Bootstrap notify

This is another Twitter Bootstrap push notification manager. A distinctive feature of Bootstrap Notify is that you can customize this workspace to suit your needs.


Bootstrap is a CSS framework that helps you quickly create a functional and visually appealing platform. However, Bootstrap will not work without add-ons and layouts. To make your work on content diverse, use the tools presented in the article. They will become reliable assistants for both beginners and experienced developers.

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